Road to the Finals: Untitled Spreadsheet

ConRoar / LUSH / Mosh / yuki / Refz / Gnb

Untitled Spreadsheet entered ZOWIESTAH as the Number One seed and has remained favourite to take out the Grand Final throughout the League’s qualifying stages. After becoming the first team to beat Chiefs ESC during JAM-stah, they maintained their unbeaten run right up to Week 5 of ZOWIESTAH. It was fitting that Chiefs ESC were the ones to break the unbeaten run, setting up a regional rivalry between the two teams that will be played out in the League Finals on Saturday. Untitled Spreadsheet’s “Road to the Grand Final” will require them to beat Orbit in the Quarter Finals, and then the winner of Chiefs vs Thanks in the Semi Final.

Their first hurdle is going to be getting past Orbit, who will be playing with two subs. But so will USS – they’ve lost rqt and raz right before the Finals, and have substituted in ConRoar and Lush. While you’d be forgiven for expecting them to take the Quarter Final, the Semi Final match against Chiefs ESC, who have had two weeks now to settle into their roster along with the new meta, will be a different story. There’s a preface to that story, though, as most recently USS beat Chiefs ESC in Heroes League – with their new lineup.

And so we come to the League Final, the final chapter in the ZOWIE Gamestah Overwatch League. Untitled Spreadsheet are seeded first and any team that expects to win the Grand Final will have to get past them at one point or another.

Untitled Spreadsheet play their Quarter Final against Orbit at 14:30pm AEST on www.twitch.tv/gamestahtv1 – don’t miss it!



Road to the Finals: Quentiam

Slidzorj / Shu / zumen / Twiiggy / Presh / Bim / kiki

No one will forget the upset-that-almost-was when Quentiam shocked Untitled Spreadsheet in Week 4 of ZOWIESTAH. They took the first game on Dorado, one of USS’ strongest maps, in thrilling fashion, and for the first time in a month, USS were looking less than invincible. To their credit, USS came back to close out the Semi Final match and knock Quentiam out, but the point had been made: Quentiam has the goods to take on the top teams in the region and do themselves proud.

They’re playing in the League Finals as seventh seed, having put in a lackluster performance in Week 2, and failing to compete in Week 3. But points don’t tell the whole story, as Week 4’s SF against USS showed. Expect Quentiam to look for an upset in their match against second-seeded The Wood Cucks tomorrow.

Towards the end of the qualifying season, Quentiam picked up Squizzy as Manager. We asked him about Quentiam’s performances:

“Our results have been getting better each week of ZOWIESTAH, we hope to make it to the grand final on Saturday, but have a tough road to get there.”

Quentiam will have to get past The Wood Cucks in the Quarter Final at 12:50pm AEST as the first step on that tough road. Tune in to www.twitch.tv/gamestahtv1 to see if they can make it through!



Road to the Finals: thanks

davi / nanokip / ayr / zee / jaceydaisy / dogobgyn / phrax / weaponfire

Team thanks have fought through every qualifier each Week in ZOWIESTAH and have submitted varying performances from week to week. Twice, they qualified for the weekly playoffs, only to get knocked out both times by The Wood Cucks. In other weeks, they’ve dropped games to teams they should not have, and have been excluded from the playoffs altogether.

Their fifth seed in this weekend’s League Finals is a tenuous one. From week to week they have both beaten and lost to teams seeded below them in the League Finals. However, they have yet to take a game off the higher seeds in the ZOWIESTAH competition. The League Finals will be a huge test for this team, starting with their Quarter Final match against Chiefs eSports Club. Thanks will want to put their last outing against the Chiefs aside and bring innovation to the Finals in a true David vs Goliath match-up.

Thanks’ Quarter Final vs Chiefs ESC opens the League Finals broadcast at 12pm AEST. Join us on www.twitch.tv/gamestahtv1 for all the action!



Road to the Finals: JAM Gaming

Jimeb / Peelz / Aetar / rqt / Mitchello / Dozza

JAM Gaming is looking like a team eager to break past their top 4 Power Ranking with this weekend’s League Finals. They seem to have adopted a high risk / high reward approach to the event, with a roster change just prior: Mokyun has been replaced with rqt, arguably one of the best support players in the region. Overwatch isn’t just about individual brilliance, though, and the question will be whether the new roster will successfully integrate in time for their first match, against Avant Garde in the Quarter Finals.

To be fair, changes needed to be made to the team, as all season long they have struggled to take out any of the top three in the region. When approached for comment, Chris “Pulse” Bridle, owner of the franchise, said:

“Our results have been very consistent over the Zowiestah competition, never finishing lower than the semi-finals. We are hungry to take our game to the next level and look forward to putting on a good show.”

JAM Gaming’s Quarter Final match against Avant Garde kicks off at 13:40 AEST. Tune in to GamestahTv1 from 12pm to catch all the ZOWIESTAH league finals action!