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Plantronics Pro League (CGi Finals): Grand Final – Sequential…

Grand Final:

This is what it comes down to: JAM Gaming have worked hard all season long to earn themselves the opportunity for one last knock at Sequential’s crushing hold on the number 1 power ranking in Oceania.

The start of the match sees SQL racing ahead of JAM but mid-series JAM find their rhythm and stage a comeback! With the scores even at 2-2 the game hangs in the balance! Once again the bo7 format delivers a thrilling finale to an excellent first season of the Pro League!

Casters: Chrisis and Byza
Grand Final MVP: Soma (Sequential Gaming)


Rocket League

Plantronics Pro League (CGi Finals): Semi Final – JAM…

Semi Final Match 2:

The boys from Valiant eSports have fought their way to a semi-final berth against JAM Gaming. At the start of the Season, they lost their 2nd spot in the power rankings to newcomers JAM, so will they be able to shake the monkey off their backs and make it through to the Grand Final against SQL?

Casters: Chrisis and Ej