Rocket League

HEYGRL Summer Seventeen Announced

Gamestah is pleased to finally announce the return of the Gamestah Rocket League Invitational – HEYGRL Summer Seventeen! With a format familiar to everyone that took part in HEYGRL Season 1, whether as a player, caster or fan, HEYGRL will usher in 2017 with everyone’s favourite rocket-powered motorcar mayhem!

As with Season 1, teams that enter HEYGRLSS will travel via two routes: we’ll be inviting the top eight teams in OCE (as determined by the Power Rankings) and the remaining eight will have to earn their invitations by playing in a qualifying tournament on Saturday 21 January 2017. If you’re in a top eight team, you will be contacted over the next few days to be offered a place in the league. You can facilitate this process by getting in touch with us.

The following teams will be getting an invite:

  1. Alpha Sydney
  2. Abyss ESC
  3. Athletico BH
  4. Sand Castle
  5. SubZero ESC
  6. Team Reticent
  7. Masterminds GC
  8. Magnitude

Full tournament information can be found on the HEYGRL Summer Seventeen page.




Gamestah will be kicking off the 2017 eSports Season with competitions in Heroes of the Storm, Rocket League and Paladins!

Heroes of the Storm

Gamestah has been commissioned by Blizzard ANZ to run one of two qualifiers for the first round of the ANZ conference of the Heroes Global Championship 2017! We’re excited to present the Gamestah HotS Summer Qualifiers, featuring a special Royal Rumble free-agent ODC, run by @mortondshort and four weeks of intense HotS action!

The Gamestah Royal Rumble will take place on 15 January, and then the Summer Qualification series runs Tuesdays from 17 January. For details go here.

Rocket League

We are pleased to announce the return of HEYGRL! We’ll be inviting the top 8 teams in the region to participate, and then hosting open qualifiers on the weekend of 21 January, to complete the tournament roster of 16 teams. The group stage will take place on Monday nights, starting 23 January, with a finals series featuring the top 8 teams to be played on Saturday 18 February! More details will be released about HEYGRL 2 over the next few weeks, so make sure to follow Gamestah on Twitter for the announcements (don’t forget to turn notifications from Gamestah on!)


Hi-Rez’s latest release has taken OCE by storm and Gamestah is excited to get involved with the Paladin’s eSports community in January 2017! We’re still working out the details, but we’ll be looking to feature a weekly series with a format similar to the highly successful ZOWIESTAH. Make sure you’re following Gamestah on Twitter for announcements as we firm up details over the coming weeks.


Online Tournament



The group stages are set with the following teams qualifying:

Group A

  • Karasuno
  • Citadel
  • Unlimited
  • Team Erase

Group B

  • Another One
  • Ripple eSports
  • JAM Gaming
  • Abyss eSports

Group C

  • InVidious
  • Gameroos
  • F.F.F.
  • Team XD

Group D

  • Alpha Sydney
  • Reload eSports
  • Allstars
  • Corvidae

Matches are scheduled each week on Monday nights, starting Monday 02/05/2016. We’ll be broadcasting 4 matches per night, starting at 7:30pm. This means that the other four matches will take place off-screen.

The bonus point system is there to incentivize playing on a Monday night during the time slot that has been allocated to your team. Of course, if you can’t make the night’s allotted time, then you can play any other night, but you forgo the bonus point.

We will publish Round matches each week prior to the broadcast. Because of the Qualifiers, the matches for Round 1 are short notice. Future rounds will have more advance notice.

Round 1’s match-ups are as follows:

Group A

Karasuno vs Team Erase [GTV]

Citadel vs Unlimited

Group B

Another One vs Abyss eSports [GTV]

Ripple eSports vs JAM Gaming

Group C

Invidious vs Team XD [GTV]

Gameroos vs FFF

Group D

Alpha Sydney vs Corvidae [GTV]

Reload eSports vs Allstars



Each week there are four broadcast slots available. Since matches are bo5, we will schedule the matches to start every 45 minutes! Groups are assigned to play during fixed time slots as follows:

Round 1 – 2 May 2016

7:30: Group A

8:15: Group B

9:00: Group C

9:45: Group D

Round 2 – 9 May 2016

7:30: Group D

8:15: Group A

9:00: Group B

9:45: Group C

BREAK – 16 May 2016

Round 3 – 23 May 2016

7:30: Group C

8:15: Group D

9:00: Group A

9:45: Group B



Our priority for this tournament is to have matches broadcast during each timeslot. This is because regular broadcasting attracts more viewers, more viewers attracts more sponsors, more sponsors means bigger prizes. It’s in everyone’s best interest to make this work!

Where possible we need you to play in the timeslot allocated to your group from week to week. However, if you are unable to play at the scheduled time:

  • If you are playing the match marked for the week as [GTV] then your match will be streamed. If you are unable to make this timeslot, please contact the other teams in your group to see if they can make the timeslot. If they can, their match will be broadcast instead of yours and you are free to reschedule for another time.
  • If both teams are unable to play during the allotted time-slot, please approach teams in the other groups to arrange a swap. Where possible approach teams that are not scheduled to be broadcast (i.e. their match marked with [GTV]) first.

Whatever happens, if you are unable to make a broadcast time, contact Gamestah as soon as possible so alternative arrangements can be made.

Play-off One Day Competition – SUNDAY 29 May 2016


  • First match starts at 12pm AEST