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Plantronics Pro League (CGi Finals): Semi Final – JAM…

Semi Final Match 2:

The boys from Valiant eSports have fought their way to a semi-final berth against JAM Gaming. At the start of the Season, they lost their 2nd spot in the power rankings to newcomers JAM, so will they be able to shake the monkey off their backs and make it through to the Grand Final against SQL?

Casters: Chrisis and Ej


Rocket League

Cybergamer Rocketleague Grandfinals Analysis

The Grand final started with both teams fired up – Sequential Gaming winning in a knockout, and JAM Gaming having a close match to edge themselves ahead of Valiant E-Sports.

Sequential Gaming started out as a grower not a shower, leaving JAM to get the first two goals only for SQL to reply with three of their own, earning the first game win in a Best of Seven match up.

In the second round, although Sifo was able to score a goal near the end for JAM, Sequential played their cards with strong offense with Soma scoring both Goals .


In the first ten seconds of the third round, Sifo and Orion played a cheeky goal in for JAM. It took almost 3 minutes before the next goal, JAM Sifo pulling a cool-guys-don’t-look-at-explosions, scoring by pushing it slightly above the goalie for a center shot. This seems to be the most common way to get a goal at this top level, when most other techniques are being countered already.

Rounds 3 and 4 featured amazing defence from JAM Didge and Sifo, holding SQL scoreless in the third, and only letting in one in the fourth. Their excellent work result in the series being tied 2-2 going into the fifth.

But then defence fatigue started to take its toll. Sequential steam roll the fifth game with 5-0!

For a ladder to play all the way, all these months. All the teams putting in an excellent level of skill. Scrimming, team communication. Organisation to consistently play well.

The sixth game started off with a goal from each team. SQL.Penor pulled off what looked like holding the ball mid air to guide it into the goal. 2-1. Tensions got higher. 300+ Live viewers at this point. JAM Scores a Goal! The score is an even 2-2. It goes into overtime. A single goal can determine the winner! All of the team members are going crazy with aeriels and ball-steals.

It didn’t take long into the finals, for a crack to show – not a plumbers one, one for JAM Gaming! SQL.Eren Scores the final goal, earning the win less than two minutes into overtime!



I would like to thank Cybergamer for hosting the league in this season, where the layout of friendly games, ranking themselves from CG:Amateur to the elite of CG:Invite, and also to Gamestah. We all chipped in to help broadcasting these matches – because we love the game, and the community in Australia is lovely as well. It is truly a pleasure to cast and makes us happy to bring it to you.

We broke a few records this match for ourselves – over 300 viewers, over 100 followers in a match. Plenty of positive reception for both the casters, and the team working behind the scenes. You all rock.

We will have all of our VODs of the Match up soon.

(editor’s note: VODs are all up now and viewable in the Plantronics Pro League channel)