Competitive Ruling: Unsportsmanlike Conduct (HGC ANZ Premier)

On Tuesday, 3 July, an incident occurred during the broadcasted HGC ANZ Premier match between Aztech and Twisted Vision. One of Aztech’s players, Cody “Ultivian” D’Ulisse, displayed unsportsmanlike behaviour during post-match comments.

During our investigation of the incident, Tournament Administration was provided with chat logs that demonstrated targeted harassment by Ultivian towards another Premier player.

1.1     Relevant Rules

2.6 (h):

Any team or player that displays unsportsmanlike conduct during a Blizzard sanctioned tournament may be subject to penalties. Blizzard reserves the right to take action against any team and/or player whose conduct has been called into question. Possible ramifications may include but are not excluded to;

  • A reduction in prize money payment
  • Total prize money forfeit
  • Disqualification from the tournament
  • Denied eligibility for future tournaments.

1.2     Penalty

  1. Aztech Entertainment has been asked to make a formal apology for their player’s conduct;
  2. Ultivian has been put on probation for the remainder of Phase 2;
  3. Ultivian, as well as his team, Aztech Entertainment, has been provided with a formal warning from Tournament Administration that an additional incident occurring during the probationary period will at a minimum incur a two-match ban.

1.3     Afterword

Ultivian unequivocally accepted responsibility for his actions and provided Tournament Administration with an assurance that they would not be repeated.

Tournament Administration would like to remind all Premier players that they, as representatives of the pinnacle of HotS competition in the ANZ region, will be held to the same high standards during and outside of official tournament fixtures.



HGC ANZ Premier Qualifier – Finalized Details

Tonight the top four teams from last night’s Open Division bracket will play off for the final spot in HGC ANZ Premier Phase 2. However, the top four teams are still undecided! At the end of five rounds of Swiss, we had a clear first seed (with five wins), a clear second seed (with 4 wins) and three teams with three wins each, all vying for the final two spots in the Playoff round.

  • First Seed: White Girl Wasted
  • Second Seed: Pleb2Pro (Academy)
  • Tied for 3rd and 4th: Milkshake (MSK), Capital (CAP) and Wolf Pack (WP).

There’s a further complication: one of Capital’s three wins is a bye. While a bye counts as a win in Swiss brackets, it could be argued that Capital only has two actual wins. However, this is through no fault of theirs, as the system gave them a bye. So to even the scores, we will require each of the three teams to play an extra round of Swiss.  Milkshake and Wolf Pack will be granted a bye for this additional round, putting them each on four wins (or three wins and a bye). Capital will be required to play an additional match against one of the opponents that MSK and WP have both beaten: uA Raynor Here.

If Capital loses this match, the tie is automatically broken, with Milkshake at 3rd seed and Wolf Pack at 4th seed. However, if Capital is able to beat uA Raynor Here then all three teams will once again be tied on 4 wins and we will apply the head-to-head records of the respective teams to break the tie. In this instance, Milkshake will be placed ahead of Capital (MSK 1 – 0 CAP) and Capital will be placed ahead of Wolf Pack (CAP 1 – 0 WP). In this case, 3rd seed will be granted to Milkshake and 4th seed granted to Capital.

Capital’s match against uA Raynor Here will be played off-stream, at 7pm AEST. The Premier Qualifier Playoff will start at 7:30pm AEST (assuming Capital’s match is completed) with White Girl Wasted facing the fourth seed, and Pleb2Pro facing the third seed. These two matches will be broadcast on GamestahTV1.

The Final of the Qualifier will be broadcast on immediately after the 2nd HGC ANZ Premier match of the night is completed!




HGC ANZ Competitive Ruling: attempted poaching (Outlaws)


There are rules in HGC ANZ 2018 which state, inter alia


(b)    Teams that participate in any official HGC Australian and New Zealand Finals league (including Preseason Qualifiers, Open Division and Premier) will not be allowed to change any of their Team members at any time during the course of an HGC ANZ Phase.

(e)    Players from within a team who has qualified for HGC ANZ Premier via either Preseason Qualifiers or the Promotion process as referred to in section 3.1(c) (“the Qualifying Team) will not be permitted to compete on behalf of any team other than the Qualifying Team for the duration of the Phase for which that team qualified (“the Qualified Phase”).

(f)    A Team who attempts to poach a player from a Qualifying Team prior to the conclusion of the Qualified Phase will be penalised. Such penalties may include deduction of points, withdrawal from the league and in the most serious instances, may be banned from competing in future HGC ANZ leagues and tournaments.

The current provision 2.1(e) and (f) are new clauses that were introduced this year to protect teams who have already qualified for HGC ANZ Premier Division from being poached by existing well established and better financed Premier teams. The intention as that we do not want those teams to lose their best players before the season even starts which would severely damages their chances within Premier.


We are advised that Outlaws, a currently qualified HGC ANZ Premier team (qualified by virtue of having finished top 4 in HGC ANZ Season 4 2017) have approached a player that is currently competing in the HGC ANZ Preseason Qualifiers. i.e. a team that has not yet qualified.

The rules referred to above apply to any attempted poaching of a player in a “Qualifying Team”. We understand that there has been some confusion around what constitutes a Qualifying Team. A “Qualifying Team” is defined in clause 2.1(e) as one that “has” qualified for Premier division pursuant to 2.1(f). As Nekomimi does not fall within the definition of a Qualifying Team, we confirm that there has been no infringement of this rule 2.1(f) regardless whether or not the actions of Outlaws constituted “attempts to poach” .

Indeed, if there is an attempt to poach a team that has already qualified then the poaching team would be penalised.

It appears as though many have seized on the words “Qualifying Teams” and misconstrued this term (despite it’s clear definition in clause 2.1(e)) to refer to teams that are in the process of qualifying. This interpretation is inconsistent with the definition of a “Qualifying Team” under rule 2.1(e). Having said that, to alleviate any confusion in the future, we propose to amend the words “Qualifying Team” in 2.1(e) and (f) to “Qualified Team”.

The second issue relates to whether there has been any breach of clause 2.1(b) referred to above.  On our review if this matter, there has not been any breach of clause 2.1(b) as there have been no player movements around the Outlaws roster.



HGC ANZ Competitive Ruling: MM Clubhouse

Here is the official ruling regarding the roster changes at MM Clubhouse:

In relation to the roster movement that occurred over the weekend, MM Clubhouse has breached 2.1(b) of the rules which states that rosters have been locked. There has however not been a breach of provision 2.1(d) which states that a team is automatically disqualified from the competition if it is left with less than 3 players from its main roster. From our investigations, only 1 player (Hacky) made the move from Dark Sided to MMCH. The decision to disband the DS roster was made by DS as an org. Having said that, we feel that it is too harsh to impose a penalty on MMCH which results in an effective disqualification from the tournament by virtue of removing any chance of qualifying at all (which would be the case if there was a breach of 2.1(d) of the rules).

Additionally, there has not been a breach of 2.1(f). This is a new provision that has been introduced this this year. 2.1(f) relates to qualifying teams (as defined in 2.1(e)) . It is designed to protect teams that have successfully been promoted to Premier division against better established and better resourced organisations.

Accordingly, it has been decided to deduct two points from MMCH in the current preseason qualifying tournament. We feel that under the circumstances, this is a fair and reasonable outcome. Our goal is to preserve the competitive integrity of the tournament but we also need to strike a balance with the need for teams to form comfortable units moving into regular season.