Heroes of the Storm

HotS Off-Season ODC

Gamestah has announced an ODC (One Day Competition) for HotS, to take place on 29 July 2017 – that’s this Saturday! Here’s all the information you need about the ODC.

1. It’s open to all

Anyone can enter – this is a competitive day for anyone that wants to play. You don’t have to be a pro team, or an amateur team, or even a regular team: you could just grab five friends and enter for a day of competitive HotS!

2. It’s not compulsory

This isn’t a qualifier for another competition, nor does it have any points allocations towards a wider league. It’s a one-off event that starts at 12pm AEST and ends when it ends!

3. Prizes

Since this is a casual event we have some prizes to give away (but no cash). Each player on the team that wins the Grand Final will receive a code for 12x Loot Chests. We’re also going to be nominating MVPs throughout the day, and at the end of the day we’ll be giving two MVPs (drawn randomly from all the MVP nominations) a Suns out Guns out loot chest code. For our viewers we’ll have a number of Hero Bundle codes to give away, including 2x Stukov codes!

4. Registration

As usual, the tournament bracket will be run by Challonge, one of Gamestah’s core sponsors! Register here, or click the image below!

5. Format

The tournament format is double elimination, with Upper Bracket Matches best-of-three (BO3) and Lower Bracket Matches best-of-one (BO1). The Grand Final will be best-of-five (BO5) with the team in the Upper Bracket starting with a 1-0 lead.

6. Streaming Allowed

As with all of Gamestah’s Tournaments, matches will be streamed live on twitch.tv/gamestahtv1. We’re going to be doing something different for this tournament, though. If your match is not being streamed on the official tournament stream, and you’d like to stream it yourself (i.e. player POV streaming), just let us know. We’ll provide you with a Gamestah Logo to put on your overlays in exchange for your stream link. As long as you’ve given us the link, and you’ve put our logo on screen, you will be allowed to stream your match (with an appropriate delay, of course!). We’ll even promote your stream link on our social media, and the official GTV1 broadcast!

Note that you will not be allowed to stream your match if it is being streamed on GamestahTV1.


Rocket League

HEYGRL Summer Seventeen Announced

Gamestah is pleased to finally announce the return of the Gamestah Rocket League Invitational – HEYGRL Summer Seventeen! With a format familiar to everyone that took part in HEYGRL Season 1, whether as a player, caster or fan, HEYGRL will usher in 2017 with everyone’s favourite rocket-powered motorcar mayhem!

As with Season 1, teams that enter HEYGRLSS will travel via two routes: we’ll be inviting the top eight teams in OCE (as determined by the Power Rankings) and the remaining eight will have to earn their invitations by playing in a qualifying tournament on Saturday 21 January 2017. If you’re in a top eight team, you will be contacted over the next few days to be offered a place in the league. You can facilitate this process by getting in touch with us.

The following teams will be getting an invite:

  1. Alpha Sydney
  2. Abyss ESC
  3. Athletico BH
  4. Sand Castle
  5. SubZero ESC
  6. Team Reticent
  7. Masterminds GC
  8. Magnitude

Full tournament information can be found on the HEYGRL Summer Seventeen page.


Heroes of the Storm

Gamestah HotS Summer Qualifiers: What You Need to Know

By now you’ll have seen the official Blizzard ANZ announcement about the qualifiers for the ANZ conference of the Heroes Global Championship. If you haven’t go and read it!

Blizzard is throwing a huge amount of support at the ANZ region, with four seasons scheduled for HotS in 2017. The first kicks off in January, with both Gamestah and ANZ Heroes hosting qualifiers for the first Regional finals.

Here is the key information you need to know about Gamestah’s qualifiers:

The Gamestah Royal Rumble – a free agent tournament

We’re starting the qualifier series with a free agent tournament, run by none other than @mortondshort. Sign-ups are already open for the Gamestah Royal Rumble (GRR) so if you’re looking for a team and want to show off your goods, save the date of 15 January 2017 for your first opportunity for some competitive HotS in 2017!

The team that wins the GRR will be assigned a coach for the duration of the qualifier tournament, to assist them in gaining and maintaining competitive prowess heading into the official Blizzard ANZ finals!

Gamestah Summer Qualifiers (GSQ)

The Gamestah Summer Qualifiers borrows from the Ember Series, run in 2016, but adds to it a League Table and the chance to qualify for the HGC ANZ Regional Finals!  Each week teams will play four rounds in a Swiss bracket, earning points that accumulate over four weeks. At the end of the four weeks, two teams go through to Blizzard ANZ’s official regional tournament and a chance to win huge cash prizes!

Match nights will be Tuesday nights from 8pm AEDT, starting 17 January 2017. We’ll be giving away skin bundles and other prizes, and running an MVP program with a little something extra for players who stand out from the crowd.

For full details of the GSQ, check out this page. You can find the full ruleset here.

Be sure to join us on Gamestah’s Discord if you want to say “hi” or ask questions about the up-coming season!




Gamestah will be kicking off the 2017 eSports Season with competitions in Heroes of the Storm, Rocket League and Paladins!

Heroes of the Storm

Gamestah has been commissioned by Blizzard ANZ to run one of two qualifiers for the first round of the ANZ conference of the Heroes Global Championship 2017! We’re excited to present the Gamestah HotS Summer Qualifiers, featuring a special Royal Rumble free-agent ODC, run by @mortondshort and four weeks of intense HotS action!

The Gamestah Royal Rumble will take place on 15 January, and then the Summer Qualification series runs Tuesdays from 17 January. For details go here.

Rocket League

We are pleased to announce the return of HEYGRL! We’ll be inviting the top 8 teams in the region to participate, and then hosting open qualifiers on the weekend of 21 January, to complete the tournament roster of 16 teams. The group stage will take place on Monday nights, starting 23 January, with a finals series featuring the top 8 teams to be played on Saturday 18 February! More details will be released about HEYGRL 2 over the next few weeks, so make sure to follow Gamestah on Twitter for the announcements (don’t forget to turn notifications from Gamestah on!)


Hi-Rez’s latest release has taken OCE by storm and Gamestah is excited to get involved with the Paladin’s eSports community in January 2017! We’re still working out the details, but we’ll be looking to feature a weekly series with a format similar to the highly successful ZOWIESTAH. Make sure you’re following Gamestah on Twitter for announcements as we firm up details over the coming weeks.