Introducing the Plantronics MVP Award

plantronics MVP

Gamestah is pleased to announce the next evolution in the MVP Award program, with Plantronics coming on board as MVP Sponsor! We’ll be running a pilot with them to reward the Most Valued Players on teams that appear live on GamestahTV streams over the next three months.

How it Works

We have found that choosing an MVP at the end of each evening’s broadcasts has had some drawbacks:

  1. The vote is frequently weighted towards the MVP nominated from the final match,
  2. Some players are nominated for more than one match during a broadcast, and the current method of choosing an overall MVP does nothing to recognize repeat, high quality performances.

To address these issues, the MVP process will change:

The Monthly MVP List

From April, instead of selecting a single player per broadcast, all match MVPs will be added to the Monthly MVP List. The list assigns each MVP with a number, sequentially, starting from 1 for the first nomination, 2 for the second, and so on through the month. A player who earns the MVP more than once will have several numbers assigned to them through the month.

Monthly Draw

At the end of each month Gamestah will broadcast an Awards show. Using a random number selector, three MVPs will be drawn from that month’s list. These MVPs will be awarded the MVP prizes.

The Pilot

We’ll be running the pilot of the new MVP program from April to June. At the end of each month, two MVP winner’s names will drawn, and each will win $20 Steam Credit from Gamestah.

At the end of June, we’ll do an additional draw, and one MVP winner will take home a RIG 500HD, courtesy of Plantronics.


Plantronics RIG 500HD


Designed to meet the demands of e-sports players and endorsed by ESL, the RIG 500HD headset delivers immersive Dolby 7.1 surround sound with high resolution audio support.


How to Qualify for the MVP Award

It’s easy: be the Most Valued Player in a match that is broadcast live on GamestahTV!  The award is open to players in all games broadcast by Gamestah, be it CS:GO, Rocket League, League of Legends – or anything else you play that we broadcast.  To get into the monthly draw, all you have to do is request a Gamestah broadcast and if we broadcast the match, play like you’ve never played before and earn yourself the MVP of the match.

What Happens after the Pilot

We’ll be keeping a close eye on how the Plantronics MVP Award program runs in its new shape. If things go well, we’ll be extending the award program beyond the initial three months and possibly adding a Plantronics Headset to each month’s prizes!

The Monthly MVP Lists

April 2016