INJUSTAH: Gamestah Injustice 2 Amateur Circuit

INJUSTAH is Gamestah’s Injustice 2 Amateur Circuit. The circuit consists of a series of fortnightly events where teams can earn Circuit points for placing in the Top 8 of each event. While not officially a part of the Injustice 2 Pro Series, the Gamestah Circuit model is based on it.

The Circuit runs online for 8 events. At the end of the 8th event, the top 8 Players are invited to an offline clash to be hosted at eLeague.GG LAN in Sydney on 30 September.

INJUSTAH is only open to players resident in Australian and New Zealand and will be played on PS4 only.

EVENT Registration Link Status Winner
Prelim Event Complete Castiel
Circuit Round 1 Complete Castiel
Circuit Round 2  Complete Castiel
Circuit Round 3   Complete Castiel
Circuit Round 4  Complete Castiel
Circuit Round 5 Complete Castiel
Circuit Round 6 Complete Waz
Circuit Round 7 Complete Waz
Circuit Round 8 Complete Conqueror
OHN15 Complete Baxter
Circuit LAN Finals Invitational Complete Waz

1       Circuit Format

The Circuit has two stages: an online, eight-round circuit and a LAN finals series.


Each fortnight, starting 4 June 2017, a discrete double elimination tournament will be hosted online by Gamestah. Matches are best-of-five (bo5) and the Grand Finalist entering from the Winner’s Bracket has a second life.

Players are awarded circuit points for placing in the Top 8 of each round of INJUSTAH as follows:

Placement Points
1st 70
2nd 45
3rd 25
4th 10
5th 5
6th 5
7th 1
8th 1


An INJUSTAH Leaderboard will be created and maintained by Gamestah. Points on the Leaderboard accumulate from event to event, with the Leaderboard standings being used to seed players in subsequent events.

An INJUSTAH PRELIM Event will be hosted by Gamestah on 21 May. This is an online tournament using the same structure as the INJUSTAH Online tournaments, but no Circuit points will be awarded.


We are pleased to announce that INJUSTAH Circuit Points can be earned this year at OHN Major on 15 September. As this event is offline and one of three Majors in the FGC calendar, additional points will be available to all competitors that place – up to 25th! Circuit Points will be awarded as follows:

OHN15 Placement






















1.2      INJUSTAH LAN Finals at eLeague.GG

The Spring LAN, in Sydney, will be host to the INJUSTAH LAN Finals. The Top 8 players on the INJUSTAH Leaderboard will be invited to this LAN. Should a player decline their invitation, additional players will be invited in order of ranking on the INJUSTAH Leaderboard until all eight spots are filled.

The INJUSTAH LAN Finals will feature a double elimination bracket. All matches will be bo5. The Grand Finalist entering from the Winner’s Bracket has a second life.

1.3      Tournament Schedule

  • 21 May 2017: INJUSTAH PRELIM EVENT (note: no Circuit Points will be awarded at this event)
  • June: INJUSTAH I
  • 18 June: INJUSTAH II
  • 2 July: INJUSTAH III
  • 16 July: INJUSTAH IV
  • 30 July: INJUSTAH V
  • 13 August: INJUSTAH VI
  • 27 August: INJUSTAH VII
  • 10 September: INJUSTAH VIII
  • 30 September: INJUSTAH LAN Finals Hosted at

2       Fees and Prizes

2.1      Entry Fee

Entry into the INJUSTAH Online tournaments is free.

Attendance at requires a $40 registration for the BYOC LAN event itself.

2.2      Prizes

Initial prizes will be sponsored by Gamestah to guarantee a minimum pot for the online tournaments and for the LAN Finals. As sponsorships are acquired we hope to increase the total prize pool.

2.2.1      INJUSTAH Online Prizes

Each week $100 in cash will be up for grabs, with $60 going to 1st place and $40 going to 2nd place.

2.2.2       INJUSTAH LAN Finals

$2000 in cash will be up for grabs, with the following breakdown:

  • 1st: $1000
  • 2nd: $500
  • 3rd: $300
  • 4th: $200

Additional prizes will be announced as the season progresses.

3       Tournament Administration

Gamestah will administer INJUSTAH in its entirety. All fortnightly events will be posted on Players will be required to register for each INJUSTAH event separately and will be responsible for entering their match scores on Challonge.

Gamestah will publish and update the INJUSTAH Leaderboard each week on our website at

4       Broadcasting

Broadcasting of INJUSTAH events will take place exclusively on Gamestah TV. No player streams will be permitted during INJUSTAH events or featuring INJUSTAH matches. Matches will be broadcast live on

5     Promotions

Gamestah is running two promotions at the moment: