Gamestah HotS Qualifiers – Season 2

Season 2 of the ANZ conference of the Heroes of the Storm Global Championship is here! The ANZ Finals take place on 29 April 2017, and once again teams have two pathways to qualify for the Finals! With $20,000 up for grabs once again, competition will be fierce!

Gamestah is please to present Season 2 Qualifiers: played over five weeks, teams will earn points from week to week in their quest to claim the ANZ title!

VODs for each match that is streamed are available on GamestahTV on YouTube:

1     League Format

Season 2 Qualifiers will run weekly on Tuesday nights, starting from 21/03/2017. Each week, five (5) rounds of Swiss Bracket matches will be played. Teams accumulate points towards their League standing by winning matches.

Teams are not required to enter every week, but are encouraged to do so to maximize their points accumulation. In addition, teams are not required to play in every Swiss round, but will only accumulate points for matches that they do play.

An important change in Season 2 is that the Qualifiers will run for five weeks. However, each team’s final standing will be calculated using their top 4 weekly results. This means that if a team misses a week, their standing will not be adversely affected.

Accompanying this change is a change to the way tiebreakers will be handled. If, at the end of five weeks, two teams are tied based on their top 4 weekly results, the fifth week will be use to break the tie. In this case, if a team has not competed in one out of the five weeks, their tiebreaker score will be zero.

All Swiss bracket matches will be best-of-one (bo1) and maps will be specified.

1.1 Map Rotation

The following maps are to be played during each round of the tournament:

Week 1
Round 1 Towers of Doom
Round 2 Infernal Shrines
Round 3 Battlefield of Eternity
Round 4 Sky Temple
Round 5 Tomb of the Spider Queen
Week 2
Round 1 Dragon Shire
Round 2 Cursed Hollow
Round 3 Braxis Holdout
Round 4 Warhead Junction
Round 5 Towers of Doom
Week 3
Round 1 Infernal Shrines
Round 2 Battlefield of Eternity
Round 3 Sky Temple
Round 4 Tomb of the Spider Queen
Round 5 Dragon Shire
Week 4
Round 1 Cursed Hollow
Round 2 Braxis Holdout
Round 3 Warhead Junction
Round 4 Towers of Doom
Round 5 Infernal Shrines
Week 5
Round 1 Battlefield of Eternity
Round 2 Sky Temple
Round 3 Tomb of the Spider Queen
Round 4 Dragon Shire
Round 5 Cursed Hollow


2    Tournament Schedule

Tournament nights are Tuesday nights in March and April:

  • 21 March – Week 1 – Sign up Here
  • 28 March – Week 2
  • 4 April – Week 3
  • 11 April – Week 4
  • 18 April – Week 5

Weekly tournament nights will start at 8:00 pm AEDT. Sign-ups for each tournament will open at midnight on the Wednesday the week before, and close at 5pm on Tournament Tuesdays.

3      League Points

Teams earn League points for each win earned during Swiss bracket matches. One point per win is awarded. All points earned each week are added to the team’s Leaderboard record.

After five weeks of regular play, teams’ points tallies from their four highest-scoring weeks are added and compared. The two teams with the most points qualify for the ANZ Finals.

Should tiebreakers be required, the points earned by each team in their fifth week will be used to break the tie.

4      Prizes and Fees

4.1     Entry Fee

Entry to the Gamestah HotS Season 2 Qualifiers is free.

4.2     Prizes

Prizes for the Heroes of the Storm ANZ Season Two Finals are as follows:

  • 1st: $8,000
  • 2nd: $6,000
  • 3rd: $4,000
  • 4th: $2,000

All prizes are in Australian Dollars.

In addition, all teams that participate in all five weeks will be provided with skin bundles by Blizzard ANZ.

5      Broadcasting

All matches will be broadcast by Gamestah on Teams that enter the tournament will be required to play their matches on the scheduled match nights.

No teams may livestream their own matches. (whether from playerPOV or by a third party).

6      Tournament Admin

We will be running the tournament admin using To view past and current tournaments and results go here:

6.1     Registration

Registration details for each week’s tournament will be posted on

6.2     Rules

Rules have been published here.