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Gamestah Paladins Summer Seventeen – HEYPAL

The Gamestah Paladins Summer Seventeen (HEYPAL) is a short-and-sharp, weekly league open to all players in Oceania. Played on Thursday nights, the League starts on 19 January ’17 and runs for a regular season of four weeks, with a Finals ODC to be played on Saturday, 18 February.

Each weekly competition is five rounds of Swiss format with weekly prizes. Teams earn points through the night that are added to the League Leaderboard. At the end of the regular season the top four teams on the Leaderboard are invited to play in the Finals and a chance to win League prizes.

The League is administered by Gamestah and Broadcast on GamestahTV1.

League Format

HEYPAL is played online, with match nights for the regular season taking place on Thursday nights, starting 19 January.

1.1      Regular Season

The regular season consists of four match nights, with each night featuring a five-round, best-of-one Swiss bracket. The map to be played during each round is pre-specified by League Administration.

Points earned during each map are entered as scores in the Swiss bracket. At the end of the fifth round, the team with the highest cumulative score takes first place and wins the weekly prize. If there is a tie for first place the week’s prizes carry over until the next week!

Points earned by teams during each map are also added to the League Leaderboard. So, for example, a map result of 4-1 would add four points to the Leaderboard for the winning team, with only one point added for the losing team.

1.2      Finals ODC

At the end of the fourth week of regular season, the four teams with the most points on the League Leaderboard are invited to a Finals ODC, to be played on Sunday 19 February.

The four teams compete in a double-elimination best-of-three qualification stage, with one team from the Winner’s bracket and one team from the Loser’s bracket qualifying for the Grand Final. Maps are drafted.

The Grand Final is a best-of-five series, with no “second life”. Instead, the team that qualifies from the Winner’s bracket will be permitted to choose the order that maps will be played. All five maps are drafted.

The teams that place 1st and 2nd in the Grand Final are awarded League prizes.

1.3      Scheduling

1.3.1      Regular Season

  • Week 1: Thursday 19 January
  • Week 2: Thursday 26 January
  • Week 3: Thursday 2 February
  • Week 4: Thursday 9 February

Match nights start at 8pm AEDT.

1.3.2      Finals ODC

  • Sunday 19 February

Match day starts at 2pm AEDT. All matches will be broadcast sequentially.

1.3.3      Broadcast Nights

Gamestah will broadcast one match per round of the Swiss bracket each week, for a total of five matches broadcast on Monday nights starting at 8pm.

Gamestah will broadcast all matches from the Finals ODC, which will be played sequentially.

1.4      League Rules

Full League rules will be published separately.

2       Match Broadcasting

Gamestah places a priority on high quality, spectator-friendly broadcasts.

2.1      Broadcasting Rights

Gamestah Media has sole broadcasting rights to League matches. No matches may be streamed by any other individual or organisation. This includes player-POV matches.

2.2      Match Selection

Gamestah will select matches to be broadcast.

2.3      Match VODs

Matches that are broadcast will be uploaded to Gamestah’s YouTube channel.

2.4      Montages and Compilations

Gamestah grants participants in the League the rights to use match footage in montages and compilations, provided the following conditions are met:

  • Gamestah’s logos and the logos of League sponsors are displayed on screen for the duration of each video
  • Credit is given to Gamestah and the Tournament sponsors during the videos closing credits
  • Links to the videos online are provided to Gamestah

2.5      POV VOD requirements

We anticipate that some players/teams may wish to record first person views of their matches and upload them to YouTube or a similar VOD hosting service. Gamestah grants permission for HEYPAL matches to be uploaded in this way but the VODs must meet the same requirements as 3.4 (above).

3 Prizes

Prizes will be announced soon – we’ll be including prizes for each weekly event, the Finals ODC and the return of the Plantronics MVP Program!