Gamestah Small Streamer Spotlight (GSx3)

Applications are open for the NOVEMBER small streamer – apply here!

The Gamestah Small Streamer Spotlight (GSx3) is a program designed to highlight – and give a boost to – small streamers in the Oceanic Region. Each month, Gamestah will provide support to a selected streamer in the form of marketing and promotion, together with a package of sponsored streaming tools.

 Starting in March 2017, the program will run for ten months.  At the end of the program, the most successful small streamer will receive an additional reward from Gamestah.

Monthly Support

The chosen streamer, for one month, receives the following support from Gamestah:

  • Daily Social Media promotion
    • Pinned tweet
    • Weekly highlight videos (where possible)
    • On-live social media promotion
  • Autohost on GamestahTV1
  • After each official Gamestah broadcast on GTV1, /host of the streamer’s channel
  • $100 cash towards streamer promotions live on air and in social media (the streamer gets to choose the promotion, with Gamestah’s agreement)

Additional Benefits

In addition to the support provided in the chosen streamer’s month, Gamestah will provide:

  • Sponsored Premium Twitch Temple overlay
  • Some graphic design assistance (for on-screen and social media use)
  • 12 month Xsplit Broadcaster Premium License
  • Optional Xsplit training if required
  • General streaming help and support (questions answered, pointers to other resources etc.)

GSx3 Leaderboard

The monthly streamer is added to a leaderboard that measures:

  • Growth in personal twitter follower count
  • Growth in personal twitch follower count
  • Max concurrents (highest single peak, organic, for the month)

At the end of 10 months, the streamer that achieved the highest growth in their particular month of the combined statistics will be rewarded with hardware to the value of $500 (streamer’s choice, with Gamestah’s agreement).


The GSx3 is meant to provide grassroots support to streamers that have not yet made it big in streaming. Streamers who wish to take part in the program will be expected to provide an application to Gamestah. Gamestah will accept applications throughout the ten month period, and will announce each month’s streamer in the last week of the month prior.

Streamers will only be considered that meet the following conditions:

  • Only available to streamers with more than 200 but less than 5000 followers
  • Streamers must have a regular schedule of at least 3 nights per week
  • Must have twitter account
  • Restricted to Twitch streamers only


In return the streamer will be expected to:

  • Display the GSx3 logo on screen for the duration of the streamer’s month (not required for the duration of the program i.e. the full 10 months)
  • GSx3 Program listed on Twitch profile page – linking back to the GSx3 page on
  • Streamer to Autohost gamestahtv1
  • Any promotion using GSx3 resources should encourage viewers to also follow Gamestah on twitter/twitch

You will Not be Expected to:

  • Join Gamestah or the Gamestah twitch team (although you may join the latter if you wish to!)
  • Use Xsplit if you already prefer another streaming platform (you’ll still get the 12 month code to either use or give away)
  • Murder any kittens

That’s it! If you’d like to apply to the GSx3, fill in this form and we’ll be in touch!