Gamestah HotS Summer Qualifiers

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1      Description

The Gamestah HotS Summer Qualifiers is a weekly, semi-pro League, open to all HotS players in Oceania. Over four weeks, teams compete for League Points. At the end of the fourth week, the two teams that have the most League Points qualify for the Blizzard ANZ HotS Regional competition.

To kick off the League, Gamestah will host a Free Agent tournament. The Gamestah Royal Rumble, brought to you by @mortondshort will allow individuals without teams to be grouped up with other players who are also free agents, and to be given an opportunity to compete against each other to solidify their team rosters.

2      League Format

2.1     Gamestah Summer Free Agent Tournament

The Summer FA is a one-day-competition to be played on Sunday 15/01/2017. Free agents will be provided a link to register their interest for the tournament.

Sign-up link:

Once teams have been filled they will be seeded into a Swiss Format bracket. Five rounds of matches will be played. At the end of the day, the team with the most points will win the Summer FA. If teams are tied at this stage a knock-out match will be played to identify the winner.

2.2     Gamestah HotS Summer Qualifiers

The Summer Qualifiers will run weekly on Tuesday nights, starting from 17/01/2017. Each week, 4 rounds of Swiss Bracket matches will be played. Teams accumulate points towards their League standing by winning matches.

Teams are not required to enter every week, but are encouraged to do so to maximize their points accumulation. In addition, teams are not required to play in every Swiss round, but will only accumulate points for matches that they do play.

At the end of four weeks, the two teams with the most points will qualify for the Blizzard ANZ Regional Tournament. If tie-breakers are required, these will be played on Tuesday 14/02/2017. Teams that are tied will play head-to-head to break ties.

All Swiss bracket matches will be best-of-one (bo1).

All tie-breakers will be best-of-three (bo3).

2.3     Tournament Schedule

2.3.1      Gamestah Summer FA Tournament

The Summer FA will be played on Sunday 15 January 2017.

2.3.2      Gamestah HotS Summer Qualifiers

Tournament nights are Tuesday nights in January and February:

  • 17 January –


  • 24 January
  • 31 January
  • 7 February
  • 14 February: Tie-breaker competition (if required)

Weekly tournament nights will start at 8:00 pm AEDT. Sign-ups for each tournament will open at midnight on the Wednesday the week before, and close at 5pm on Tournament Tuesdays.

3      League Points

Teams earn League points for each win earned during Swiss bracket matches. One point per win is awarded. All points earned each week are added to the team’s Leaderboard record.

After four weeks of regular play, teams’ points tallies are added and compared. If two teams have a clear lead over all other teams, the League ends. If there is no clear pair of leaders, an additional week of tie-breakers can be played on 21 February. Only teams that require tie-breakers will be admitted to the tie-breaker round.

4      Prize Pool

4.1     Entry Fee

Entry to the Gamestah HotS Summer Qualifiers is free.

4.2     Prizes

Prizes are to be confirmed. However, the following is proposed:

4.2.1      Summer FA Tournament Prizes

The team that wins the Summer FA Tournament will be allocated a coach from the Gamestah HotS shoutcasting staff. The coach will work with the team throughout the Summer Qualifiers to grow their capability and support them through the competition.

4.2.2      Summer Qualifier Prizes

The ultimate prize for the Summer Qualifiers is qualification for the Blizzard ANZ HotS Regional tournament. To encourage weekly participation, Gamestah proposes that a pool of prizes be set up and awarded as follows:

  • Tournament MVP Prize – each match that is broadcast will feature an MVP nomination by casters. At the end of the Qualifiers, an MVP prize will be awarded to one of the nominees. The winner is randomly drawn.

5      Broadcasting

All matches will be broadcast by Gamestah on Teams that enter the tournament will be required to play their matches on the scheduled match nights.

No teams may livestream their own matches. (whether from playerPOV or by a third party).

6      Tournament Admin

We will be running the tournament admin using

6.1     Registration

Registration details for each week’s tournament will be posted on

6.2     Rules

Rules have been published here.