Gears Esports APAC Regional Series

The Gears Esports APAC Region Series (EARS) replaces the current 2K Gears Esports format in the APAC region with sixteen online events, divided into four discrete phases.

In each phase, three qualifying events are held. Teams earn points through competing in the qualifying events, and the top four teams by points at the end of the 3rd qualifying event are invited to a Finals event.

The Finals event offers teams cash prizes. All four teams that qualify earn cash, to varying degrees. In addition, teams that compete in Qualifying Events earn Credits that can be exchanged for Gears swag.


All teams located in the APAC region may enter.


Event Description Dates
Phase 1 22 October

12,19 November

10 December (Finals)

Phase 2 21 January

4,18 Feb

4 March (Finals)

Phase 3 18 March

1,15 April

29 April (Finals)

Phase 4 13,27 May

10 June

24 June (Finals)

Tournament Format

Each phase is identically structured:

Qualifying Stages

  • First 3 events of each phase
  • Open registration (restricted to APAC)
  • 6 rounds in a Swiss format bracket
  • All matches best-of-one (bo1)

Teams earn points by winning rounds within each bo1. Points are added to the team’s score on the competition leaderboard. At the end of the 3rd week of qualifying, the four teams with the most points are invited to the Phase Finals.

Note: teams do not have to play in all three qualifying rounds, but are encouraged to do so to maximize points earned.

Phase Finals

The Phase finals feature the top four teams in a modified double elimination bracket, fighting for cash prizes. Seeding for the bracket is tailored to provide teams close, competitive matches, and avoid one-sided, crushing defeats.

  • Double elimination bracket
    • Ranks 1-2 seeded into Upper Bracket (UB)
      • Winner Advances to Grand Final
      • Loser drops to LB Round 2
    • Ranks 3-4 seeded into Lower Bracket (LB) Round 1
      • Winner advances to LB Round 2
      • Loser is eliminated
    • LB Round 2
      • Winner advances to the Grand Final
      • Loser is eliminated
  • All matches except Grand Final are BO3.
  • Grand Final is a first to three with the team from the UB starting with a 1 game lead.

Tournament Prizes

All four teams that qualify for a phase final will earn cash prizes:

Placing Prize
1st $1500
2nd $700
3rd $350
4th $250
TOTAL $2,800 USD

Total prizing for the Gears EARS is $11,200 USD, or over $14,000 AUD.

Player Participation Credits (PPC)

All players that take part in Gears EARS earn credits just by playing matches during the three qualifying stages of each Phase! We reward participants in the Gears EARS by awarding 100 PPC per match win, and 75 PPC per match loss. PPC can be exchanged for digital and real-world items using the following exchange rate:

Item Credit Cost
1 x Latest Esports Pack 1000
5 x Latest Esports Pack 2700
1 x Esports Pack of Choice 1500
5 x Esports Pack of Choice 3000
Gears Funko (all except Del available) 4000
Esports Pin (Gnasher, Lancer, Snub, Longshot, or EMBAR) 4500
Esports Hoodie 5000
Esports Backpack 6000


Each weekly event, including qualifying and finals stages, will be broadcast by Gamestah.

  • For Swiss brackets, one match per round will be broadcast, delivering 6 broadcast matches per
  • For phase finals:
    • UB Round 1 Match will be broadcast
    • LB Round 2 Match will be broadcast
    • Grand Final will be broadcast


We will publish rules prior to the opening match day of 22 October 2017.