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Gamestah HotS Summer Qualifiers Rules

1 General

1.1 Contact

Any queries (including disputes) related to the tournament should be address to Gamestah

using discord: https://discord.gg/0Y8NbmIdfCtRanRP

Alternative Contact from team management: chrisis@gamestah.com

Any team contact MUST be acknowledged by a tournament admin for it to be considered valid.

If you do not receive acknowledgement of information you have provided, the information will be

considered invalid.

1.2 Rules Subject To Change

These rules may be updated at any time prior to the running of the Tournament. Notices of any

changes will be:

● Posted on www.gamestah.com and/or

● Posted on https://player.me/gamestah and/or

● Tweeted by @gamestah on Twitter.

Teams are responsible for checking the rules before the start of each tournament.

1.3 Cheating

Don’t cheat. If you cheat you’ll be banned from all future Gamestah Tournaments.

1.4 Disputes

If you wish to register a dispute you will need to provide replays and screenshots to support

your side of the dispute. If you don’t provide these your dispute will be thrown out, so make sure

you save replays and take screenshots!

2 Tournament Entry

2.1 Entry Fees

Entry is Free.

2.2 Eligibility

2.2.1 Region-locked

Only teams located in Australia or New Zealand may enter Gamestah Tournaments. In addition,

all players must be located in Australian or New Zealand.

2.2.2 Rosters

Teams must consist of a minimum of 5 players.

Two additional substitutes are allowed per team. All players and substitutes must be specified,

together with battle.net ID on the Team page during registration.

2.2.3 Roster Lock

At the start of each tournament the team roster is locked. No changes will be permitted for the

duration of each tournament.

If you are unable to fill your team from your roster when you are due to play you will be


2.2.4 Substitutes

Players may register as a substitute for up to two teams. However, a player may only play for

one team per tournament.

2.2.5 Smurfing/Ring-ins

Not allowed at all. If you need to add someone to your roster they must be added prior to the

tournament starting.

2.2.6 Penalties

If a team fields a player that is ineligible, all matches using that player will be forfeited.

2.2.7 Exceptions

We will consider exceptions to all eligibility rules so long as we are notified by team

management PRIOR to fielding the player. In such situations the admin’s decision is final.

2.2.8 Registration

Team registration requires a unique battle.net ID to be specified for each player in your team.

This ID will be used to validate team rosters and must be accurate. Any battle.net ID

discrepancies will render the affected player ineligible.

2.2.9 Core-of-three Rule

In order for your team to accumulate points over the duration of the four weeks of competitions, you must maintain a core roster of three players. This means that you may make roster changes from one week to the next but you cannot change more than two players over the four week duration.

Note that the use of a substitute due to the temporary unavailability of a player does not affect this rule.

2.3 Team Captains / Management

2.3.1 Team Captains

One player per team must be designated as team Captain. The Captain is responsible for

communicating with other captains, admins and for relaying information to his/her team.

2.3.2 Email Contact

All team captains must provide a primary email contact to Gamestah during the registration

process. This email should be an account that is checked at least daily! All notices affecting

teams will be copied to the email address provided.

2.3.3 Discord

Team Captains and/or management should make sure they lurk in Gamestah Discord during

scheduled tournament times: https://discord.gg/0Y8NbmIdfCtRanRP

Please identify yourself as a team captain so that you can be given the roles required to gain

access to the Captains-only Text channel.

2.3.4 Captain’s Check-in

Captains are required to be present in Gamestah Discord one hour before the tournament start

time. If you are unable to be present at this time, you may nominate a representative to be

present for you. This is required to ensure any urgent notifications or team communications can

occur before the tournament starts. Challonge Check-in

Teams are required to check in on Challonge no later than 30 minutes prior to the start of the

Tournament. Failure to check-in on time will result in your team’s removal from the Tournament

bracket. This action is not reversible.

2.3.5 Disqualification for Late Check-in

Any teams that have not been checked-in no later than 30 minutes prior to the tournament start

time will be disqualified.

3 Match Standards

Gamestah places a high priority on good quality broadcasts that showcase team and individual

brilliance. To ensure this is the focus of broadcasts, we will require players to agree to our

Match Standards.

3.1 Player Names

3.1.1 Standarized Names

Players should use the same name from one broadcast to the next, and this name must match

the name listed in the team roster on challonge.com.

3.1.2 Objectionable Names

Gamestah reserves the right to require players with objectionable names to change their name.

3.1.3 Penalties

Players that break naming rules will be given the chance to change their name to an approved

name. Should players refuse, they will be treated as breaking the Smurfing/Ring-in rule, above.

3.2 Team Names

3.2.1 Standardized Names

Team names are to remain the same throughout each individual tournament as registered on


3.2.2 Objectionable Team Names

Teams may not use objectionable team names.

3.3 Match and Broadcast Scheduling

All Gamestah Tournaments are scheduled for specific start times and dates, as notified in

Tournament descriptions and Challonge.com scheduling.

Players and Teams will be notified when Tournament brackets have been created and are

expected to note relevant registration, check-in and Tournament start times.

3.3.1 Start on Time

Teams playing in matches that are scheduled to be broadcast should be ready to start their

match at the scheduled time.

3.3.2 Don’t Start without Us

If your match has been nominated for broadcasting both teams must wait for Gamestah casters

to signal “ready” before they start their matches.

3.3.3 Early Start Penalties

If you start early you will be required to restart the match. All progress or times set will be


4. Tournament Format

Gamestah Tournament formats are specified in Tournament Descriptions and reflected in the

Tournament brackets on Challonge.com.

4.1 Gamestah Free Agent Tournament

The GFA format will be as follows:

4.1.1 Sign-up

A sign-up page will be provided for individuals to register for the tournament. Players of any

level may sign up.

Sign-up Link: https://bit.ly/GSQ_RR

Sign-ups close at 5pm AEDT on Saturday 16/01

4.1.2 Team allocation

A panel of administrators will allocate players to teams. Players may request allocation as a


4.1.3 Bracket

Teams will compete in a swiss bracket of five rounds of best-of-one matches. Maps will be

specified by the Tournament admin team for each round.

4.1.4 Tie-breakers

Should tie-breakers be required these will be played in head-to-head matches between the tied

teams, until a single winner emerges.

4.2 Gamestah Summer Qualifiers

The Summer Qualifiers are played over four weeks, with the following format:

4.2.1 Registration

Teams are required to register for each weekly tournament separately. Teams do not have to

compete in every weekly tournament, but are encouraged to do so.

There are no free agent registrations available for the Summer Qualifiers,

4.2.2 Brackets

Each week teams are seeded into a Swiss format bracket. Five rounds of best-of-one matches

are played each week.

Maps are specified by tournament admins for each round.

4.2.3 League Points

Teams earn League Points by winning matches in the weekly tournaments. For every win, a

team earns one point and this is added to their overall League score.

4.2.4 Qualification for ANZ Heroes Finals – February 18, 2017

At the end of four weeks, the two teams with the most League Points qualify to participate in the

ANZ Heroes Finals, hosted by Blizzard ANZ.

4.2.5 Tie-breakers

Should there be a tie between three or more teams at the top of the League table at the end of

four weeks, an additional round of tie-breakers will be played. Tie-breakers will be played only

between tied teams in head-to-head, best-of-three matches. The tie-breaker round will be

played in the fifth week of the Summer Qualifiers.

4.3 Drafting

4.3.1 Maps


Maps will be specified for each round by tournament admins. Week 1 Maps
  • Round 1 Sky Temple
    Round 2 Cursed Hollow
    Round 3 Towers of Doom
    Round 4 Tomb of the Spider Queen
    Round 5 Infernal Shrines Week 2 Maps
  • Round 1: Warhead Junction
  • Battlefield of Eternity
  • Dragon Shire
  • Braxis Holdout
  • Infernal Shrines Week 3 Maps
  • Round 1 Sky Temple
    Round 2 Cursed Hollow
    Round 3 Towers of Doom
    Round 4 Tomb of the Spider Queen
    Round 5: Battlefield of Eternity Week 4 Maps
  • Round 1: Dragon Shire
  • Round 2: Cursed Hollow
  • Round 3: Infernal Shrine
  • Round 4: Braxis Holdout
  • Round 5: Warhead Junction

4.3.2 Hero Draft

Teams will draft using the in-game client.

4.3.3 Draft Session Configuration


The team that is in the higher bracket for each round is on blue side.

4.3.4 Tie-breaker Draft

The tie-breakers require three maps to be chosen:


Map drafting will be done using HeroesDraft.com. Tournament admins will set up the draft and provide links to each team.

4.3.6 Official Map Pool

  • Towers of Doom
  • Infernal Shrines
  • Battlefield of Eternity
  • Sky Temple
  • Tomb of the Spider Queen
  • Dragon Shire
  • Cursed Hollow
  • Braxis Holdout
  • Warhead Junction

4.3.7 Banned Maps:

  • Haunted Mines
  • Garden of Terror
  • Blackheart’s Bay

4.4 Heroes

All heroes are available to be played.

Admins reserve the right to ban a hero if a game-breaking bug is discovered.

4.5 Match Hosting

4.5.1 Hosting Responsibility

The Team Captain of the higher-bracketed team is responsible for setting up the match lobby.

4.6 Reporting Match Results

4.6.1 Screenshots

All players are responsible for taking screenshots of results.

4.6.2 Captain’s Submissions

Captains must enter match results as soon as possible in Challonge.

If issues arise with Captains’ subsmissions then please refer to an admin on Gamestah’s

Discord server: https://discord.gg/0Y8NbmIdfCtRanRP

5. Broadcasting

Gamestah is the only approved broadcaster of Gamestah Free Agent and Summer Qualifiers


5.1 Broadcast Channel

All matches will be broadcast on www.twitch.tv/gamestahtv1

5.2. Team and Player Agreement

Teams and players agree to have their matches broadcast by Gamestah.

5.3 Exclusive Broadcasting

No Gamestah Free Agent or Summer Qualifier matches may be streamed or broadcast by

anyone other than Gamestah. This includes player-POV streaming.

5.4 Sponsors and Promotion

Gamestah is happy to promote team sponsors during match broadcasts. Teams should provide

Gamestah with details of their sponsors (including graphics such as logos) to enable this


5.5 Montages and Compilations

Footage from replays of Gamestah tournament matches (including video or audio) may be used

in montages or compilations as long as the footage includes the Gamestah Logos overlaid in a

corner of the screen.

A high resolution copy of the Gamestah Logo can be found here:

http://www.gamestah.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Gamestah-logos-1604_GS-main-logo_1024.png and


In addition, credit should be given to Gamestah in the production closing credits.

5.6 Nominating Matches for Broadcast

Gamestah will announce which matches have been selected for broadcast as early as possible.

If your match has been nominated the team captains will be informed. Ensure that you wait for

the casters to join the match lobby before starting the match.

6. Player Code of Conduct

All players must agree to the Gamestah Player Code of Conduct.

7. Prizes

7.1 Gamestah Free Agent Tournament

The team that wins the Gamestah Free Agent Tournament will be allocated a coach that will

work with them for the duration of the Gamestah Summer Qualifiers.

7.2 Gamestah Summer Qualifiers

7.2.1 Weekly MVP Prize

Each match that is broadcast will feature an MVP nomination by Gamestah’s casters. At the

end of each week’s competition, the audience votes for 1 out of the five MPVs to be awarded a

small prize.