Gamestah Code of Conduct

The Gamestah Code of Conduct describes the expectations on staff and players and other participants involved with Gamestah Tournaments.

All participants who enter Gamestah Tournaments agree to abide by the Code of Conduct.

All staff and contractors involved with Gamestah Tournaments agree to abide by the Code of Conduct.

In principle, the Code of Conduct is intended to foster a community of competitive yet constructive players, teams and staff.

1. Be respectful to each other

While a certain level of competitive banter is expected – and allowed – players and staff are expected to be respectful towards each other.

2. Gamestah Sponsors

Gamestah’s Tournaments would not be possible without the on-going support of our Sponsors. In some cases, Sponsors provide cash prizes, in others, Sponsors provide goods, services or licenses as prizes.

Players and staff agree not to disparage prizes, Sponsors or Sponsor promotions by Gamestah.

3. Gamestah Staff

Gamestah staff put in many hours of work to make sure Tournaments run smoothly. Participants should treat Gamestah staff with respect and appreciation for the hard work they do.

4. Applicability

The Code of Conduct applies to all player and staff conduct, including, but not limited to, conduct on the following:

Any Discord chat
Twitch chat
Any discussion forums
In-game chat
Social media

5. Warnings

Teams, players or staff that breach the Code of Conduct will receive a series of warnings from the Gamestah. Warnings will persist from one Tournament to the next. Good behaviour will result in the warnings decaying.

In severe breaches Gamestah may forgo any warnings and proceed directly to Penalties.

6. Penalties
6.1 Bans

Teams or players that accumulate three (3) warnings may be banned for one or more subsequent Gamestah Tournaments,, subject to the admins’ decision. In addition, players may be banned from Gamestah’s online communities (e.g. Discord, Twitch chat, etc.).

6.2 Permabans

In severe cases of breaches a player may be permabanned from Gamestah events and/or online communities. Players who have been permabanned do not have any right of appeal.

In addition, any attempts to circumvent a ban will result in permanent banning from Gamestah events in the future.

6.3 Staff Penalties

Staff that breach the Code of Conduct may lose access to future tournament opportunities. In addition, for paid events, staff may forfeit any payments or other benefits offered at the time of appointment to the Tournament.

7. Right of Appeal

Players or staff who have received a warning or a ban have the right to an appeal. Appeals should be lodged by email to

Under no circumstances may players appeal their warnings or penalties by contacting Gamestah admins or staff on Discord, Twitter, or any other method other than an email to

Appeals will be considered by the owners of Gamestah who may request a third party’s input into the appeal.