DARKSTAH: Gears of War Weeklies

Gamestah has teamed up with Dark Sided to bring a new Gears of War weekly series to Oceania: the DARKSTAH Gears of War Weeklies. For two nights each week over a four week season, Gears of War teams will fight for glory and $100 cash each week.

1. Tournament Format

1.1 Weekly Qualifying

On Tuesday nights, open registration is available for any teams to enter the weekly. Teams play four rounds of Swiss format matches to earn points through the night. At the end of the night, the four teams with the most points qualify for the week’s playoffs, to be played on Thursday nights.

A tournament bracket will be created for each Weekly on Challonge.com. Teams are encouraged to register their team on Challonge in anticipation of this.


Teams earn points through winning rounds during their BO1 matches. For example, in a match with a final score of 7-4, the winning team earns seven points, and the losing team earns four points.

Weekly Playoffs

On Thursday nights, the four qualifying teams play in a best-of-one single elimination tournament to determine the week’s winner, who will take home $100 AUD in cash.


Entry into the DARKSTAH Weeklies is free.


Each week the team that wins the Grand Final will be awarded $100 AUD cash.

MVP Program

Gamestah will run an MVP Program to reward players for excellent play. At the end of each match that is broadcasted, the casting team will nominate an MVP. All MVPs are added to an MVP Leaderboard, and at the end of DARKSTAH Season 1 one of the MVPs will win a prize. The prize is still to be announced.


DARKSTAH Season 1 starts on 21 February and runs for four weeks.

  • 21 February: Week 1 Swiss Qualifiers
  • 23 February: Week 1 Playoffs
  • 28 February: Week 2 Swiss Qualifiers
  • 2 March: Week 2 Playoffs
  • 7 March: Week 3 Qualifiers
  • 9 March: Week 3 Playoffs
  • 14 March: Week 4 Qualifiers
  • 16 March: Week 4 Playoffs

Tournament Rules

Teams will be required to adhere to:

The full Tournament Rules can be viewed or downloaded here: http://www.gamestah.com/docs/DarkSTAH_Rules.pdf


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