League of Legends eSports match between True Ambition and The Knights

Cybergamer Open Ladder: True Ambition vs The Knights

Our first match of the year is a cracker! True Ambition challenge the Knights for 2nd spot on the ladder and take control from the start of the game, edging a lead slowly but surely, until they use their lead to take the mid inhibitor. When they shift the siege to top though, all hell breaks loose and The Knights start to mount a resurgence!

Casters: Chrisis and Penguin
MVP: NewTronix (True Ambition)



League of Legends: Abyss Esports Red vs The Knights…

The Knights logo Abyss Esports logoChallenger ranked team Abyss E-Sports Red took on The Knights.
The Knights are coached by SKT T1 Bang, the best ADC player in the world.

WARNING: The above video is rather .

Surprising changes in the team line-ups led to a broadcast full of jokes and banter. Casted by Penguin and AGTV’s Judge.

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