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INJUSTAH Leaderboard Update – Round 6

TweetThe INJUSTAH Leaderboard has been updated to include results from Round 6. This week’s Leaderboard update includes the following juicy bits: For the first time, JAM Castiel doesn’t collect maximum points. Instead, VS.DS Waz takes 1st in Round 6. However, Castiel keeps a firm hold on his overall 1st place, and is unlikely to lose […]

Statement regarding INJUSTAH Swiss format

TweetThere have been a few comments made about the success/failure of our experiment with Swiss format at INJUSTAH (Gamestah’s Injustice 2 Circuit). Almost all of the negative feedback has been concerned with how long it took to complete the event. Why Swiss (a reminder) To begin with, we should consider the two previous events:  we […]

INJUSTAH Format Change

TweetWe’ve run two rounds of INJUSTAH now (INJUSTAH Prelim Event and INJUSTAH Circuit Round 1) and will be making a trial change to the format after observations we have made: both events have run for much longer than expected As a result, player and caster fatigue has been a negative factor on the entertainment value […]


TweetGamestah is pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with the organizers of OHN15 to include their Injustice 2 Tournament as a points-earner for the INJUSTAH Circuit! Players who attend the major and place in the Top 25 will earn Circuit Points (CP) towards the INJUSTAH Leaderboard and their bid for an invitation […]