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Blizzard ANZ HotS Season 4 Qualifiers – SCHEDULE

TweetThe following specifies the full schedule for Season 4. Each weekly Swiss tournament requires registration to participate. All tournament registrations will take place on Gamestah’s Challonge page. Date Division Format Participants Round Outcome Registration 9-Aug Division 2 Swiss Format OPEN 1 4 teams qualify for Weekly Playoff Register here 15-Aug Division 1 Playoff (TDE*) 4 […]

Competitive Ruling: MilkShake Playoff Roster – Week 2

TweetLast night’s Blizzard ANZ HotS Season 3 Playoff bracket (Week 2) featured some unusual circumstances that unfairly disadvantaged team MilkShake: MilkShake were unable to field a full team of five.  Under rule 1.4(b) they were not permitted to change any team members. Based on this they notified admins that they would not be playing in […]

HotS Update: Playoff Seeding

TweetWhen considering seeding for the weekly Playoffs, the following principles apply: The Season 3 Qualifiers should surface the top two teams in the region. At the end of the season, these two teams should have the highest points and progress through to the ANZ Finals The Top 4 teams in the region should, as often […]