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HGC ANZ Competitive Ruling: attempted poaching (Outlaws)

TweetBackground There are rules in HGC ANZ 2018 which state, inter alia 2.1 (b)    Teams that participate in any official HGC Australian and New Zealand Finals league (including Preseason Qualifiers, Open Division and Premier) will not be allowed to change any of their Team members at any time during the course of an HGC ANZ Phase. (e)    Players from within a team […]

HGC ANZ Competitive Ruling: MM Clubhouse

TweetHere is the official ruling regarding the roster changes at MM Clubhouse: In relation to the roster movement that occurred over the weekend, MM Clubhouse has breached 2.1(b) of the rules which states that rosters have been locked. There has however not been a breach of provision 2.1(d) which states that a team is automatically […]

HGC ANZ Preseason Structure now ROUND ROBIN

TweetWe are changing the structure of the HGC ANZ Preseason Qualifiers from Swiss format to Round Robin Format. Fifteen teams registered for the tournament, which means we can run a single round-robin bracket, where everybody plays everybody else once, over four weeks. This will ensure we have the most accurate measurement of teams’ capability in […]