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Competitive Ruling: Season 4 HotS Tiebreakers

TweetTL;DR Future ties for top 4 spots will be broken by playing a head-to-head match between tied teams MilkShake and TeamDC are each awarded 2 Bonus Points in compensation for missing out on qualification through no fault of their own Background Each week teams must qualify for Playoffs by battling through four rounds of Swiss […]

Season 4 Maps

TweetThe Season 4 map selection process is similar to Season 3: each week the qualifying round features four matches in a Swiss format bracket, where we specify the maps for each round. Then, for weekly playoffs, teams play in a Modified Double Elimination, bo3, bracket where teams must draft maps from the available pool. For […]

HotS Off-Season ODC

Tweet Gamestah has announced an ODC (One Day Competition) for HotS, to take place on 29 July 2017 – that’s this Saturday! Here’s all the information you need about the ODC. 1. It’s open to all Anyone can enter – this is a competitive day for anyone that wants to play. You don’t have to […]

Blizzard ANZ HotS Season 4 Qualifiers – SCHEDULE

TweetThe following specifies the full schedule for Season 4. Each weekly Swiss tournament requires registration to participate. All tournament registrations will take place on Gamestah’s Challonge page. Date Division Format Participants Round Outcome Registration 9-Aug Division 2 Swiss Format OPEN 1 4 teams qualify for Weekly Playoff Register here 15-Aug Division 1 Playoff (TDE*) 4 […]