Ripple eSports CSGO Cup: Round 1 – Sigma Vs…

Round 1
Map: Dust 2 Round
Two hungry teams wanting to show how well they can play one one day tournaments! You don’t want to miss this one! Getsome!

Casters: Ej and Starkiller
Camera: Byza

Twitter @byza1989 @ejstah @gamestah


Rocket League – Blight v Spooky aerials

In the Worlds latest Rocket League Game broadcast* , Byza and SuperRoach cover this nail biting game between Blight vs Spooky Aerials!

Excellent plays by both teams make for a tightly fought, overtime ridden game that lasted up until 1am – Time to get the pyjamas out for some late night rocket viewing!

(*in Australia, for Cybergamer)


Gamestah CSGO: Vanquishers vs. p90 Elites – Sound Blaster…

Sound Blaster X presents the Cybergamer Open ladder with the Vanquishers taking on p90 Elites.

Tough Match for both teams going all out to secure victory for there side! Gamestah’s Neeber and Byza bring you all the coverage, our map is De_Cache.