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Gamestah FPS Shoutcaster of many years experience. Visit http://www.gamestah.com to chat with the team.

OOL Tournament # 2: Tyrant eSports vs JSG

TweetIn match two of our coverage of the OOL, Tyrant go up against the surprisingly-difficult-to-pronounce JSG! Casters: Lonjanis & Penguin 71

CSGO Open Grand Final: Team ExceL vs Berserk Gaming

TweetCybergamer Open league Grand Final. Our old friends at Team Excel versus ol’ mate Berserk for the top spot. Hopefully one or both of these great teams transfer into CGa but for now #4 plays #1. Mirage is the map and Neeber and Don Mega are the casters lets get some! 93

Blaster X CSGO: N-GAGE vs Stack.B

TweetSound Blaster X presents the Cybergamer ELO style open ladder. N-Gage want those sweet, sweet 32 points but they have to deal with Stack.B first! Do they have what it takes? 37