Gamestah Nations Cup 2016: Home & Away Series Vods

Did you miss the Nations Cup Overwatch Series? tThe best in Singapore, New Zealand & Australia?

Not to worry, for you I have put together a play list for your viewing pleasure! Grab some some popcorn and a drink, sit back and relax as Bobbyj, Allg & the casting Team take your through all the action!

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Chrisis VLOG: Sponsorship Series Part One: Impressions

In the Sponsorship Series, Gamestah’s Chrisis looks at the principles of the business of sponsorship and getting sponsored.

Part One: Impressions
This video looks at what sponsors want and how to give it to them.

We explore the concept of an “Impression”, sources of impressions, how to calculate the value of an impression, and how to calculate the total value of a sponsorship opportunity.

00:00 A bit of history
04:10: Shoutout to JAM Gaming (
05:45 A sample sponsorship application/proposal
12:15 Impression – the key concept / Introduction
13:00 What do Sponsors want?
18:00 The actual definition of an impression
19:00 Example impressions
26:50 Examples of impression values
28:16 Impressions / A Tweet (text only)
29:27 Impressions / A Tweet (image)
30:45 Impressions / LAN Uniforms
32:44 Impressions / Website
36:50 Team’s Sources of Impressions / Website
38:40 Team’s Sources of Impressions / LAN Uniforms
42:30 Team’s Sources of Impressions / Online Tournaments
48:47 Team’s Sources of Impressions / Social Media
52:34 Revisiting the Proposal
55:09 Conclusion

** DISCLAIMER ** I transposed my calculation table poorly and some of the numbers are not correct. You’ll know it when you see it :(. This is what happens when you manually do things instead of copy/pasta!

If you have questions on any of the topics in the video, or there is a video topic you’d like me to cover, please leave a comment!

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