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Joining Gamestah back in 2008 I Covered Counter Strike 1.6 & Source with Depz, Momowang and many Others! Life then took its place which saw myself have a long stint on the side lines! But I'm back with Csgo Coverage, rocket League and possible many more games to come! I have also been known for stuffing people names up and that is something I promise I will do for every cast! Getsome... Cya on the battle Field. GlHF

Gamestah Nations Cup 2016: Home & Away Series Vods

TweetDid you miss the Nations Cup Overwatch Series? tThe best in Singapore, New Zealand & Australia? Not to worry, for you I have put together a play list for your viewing pleasure! Grab some some popcorn and a drink, sit back and relax as Bobbyj, Allg & the casting Team take your through all the […]

Chrisis VLOG: Sponsorship Series Part One: Impressions

TweetIn the Sponsorship Series, Gamestah’s Chrisis looks at the principles of the business of sponsorship and getting sponsored. Part One: Impressions ———————————– This video looks at what sponsors want and how to give it to them. We explore the concept of an “Impression”, sources of impressions, how to calculate the value of an impression, and […]

The Community speaks up – OCE Overwatch

TweetA late night discussion by over 50 community players prompted a community forum to be launched for the competitive OCE Overwatch scene. Thanks to AusRonnie for taking the bull by the horns and getting the site up and running! Get behind it fam http://oceoverwatch.com/forums/index.php 145

Gamestah May-July Coverage

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TweetMake sure you Tune into gamestah for the next three months! Some exciting content coming your way! Getsome! 107