Format Change – Week 2-8 ANZ Open Division

Format Change – Week 2-8 ANZ Open Division

Feedback After Phase 1

After Phase 1 of the HotS ANZ Open Division, Gamestah received feedback from teams and players
regarding the bracket format in used in Open Division. One of the major complaints was that teams
where being matched against competition that was wither much better than they were, or much
lower. This left teams in both situations with low quality games.

Changes for ANZ Phase 2 Open division

We still believe Swiss format to be the best bracket for Open Division. However, the field of
competition has widened and with new teams forming and entering we have decided to tweak the
format with the following changes starting in week 2.

  • Each week the top eight teams on the Open Division League Table will be seeded by admins into one group
  • The rest of the teams will be seeded by admins into a second group.
  • Teams still earn one point per win or bye and these points are added to their League Table placement.

Note: the grouping of teams is redone each week, which will allow movement from one group to the
other for teams on a week-to-week basis throughout the season. However, teams still only register
for one weekly tournament, with the groups created by tournament admins after registration closes
each week.

We expect that players and teams will have a much better experience with the new grouping system, and look forward to seeing you join us on the battleground!