Mindfreak Roster / Player Subtitutions, Transfers & Buy-outs

Mindfreak Roster / Player Subtitutions, Transfers & Buy-outs


Mindfreak’s roster for Phase 2 is missing a player due to an unforeseen retirement of a player in their core roster.  Mindfreak was competing at the Mid-Season Brawl during the standard HGC ANZ Agency Period and thus was unable to take the opportunity to recruit a replacement. A request has been made to re-open the Agency Period for all teams in order to facilitate finding a replacement. This would require the start of Phase 2 to be delayed by at least a week.


In order to avoid serious disruption to the other teams in the league, the agency period will not be reopened and thus the start of Phase 2 will not be delayed. However, Mindfreak will be granted a number of concessions to cope with the need to fill their roster:

  1. Mindfreak will be permitted to use unlimited substitutes (ignoring the 2 player emergency sub condition) for the player that is missing until the end of Week 4 of Phase 2;
  2. Mindfreak will be permitted to approach teams that have a registered reserve to request the use of the reserve as a substitute during their matches, so long as the reserve is not scheduled to play for their own team on the same night as Mindfreak’s request.

Additional Changes

Tournament administration acknowledges that there is need for clarification when a player unexpectedly leaves the team. While roster sizes have been increased to six to mitigate the risk of this happening, there is still the possibility that a team may be left without a player due to unforeseen circumstances.

Amendments to the HGC ANZ rules for regulating player substitutions, transfers and buy-outs mid-season under these circumstances will be introduced. These amendments will extend the concessions that are being granted to Mindfreak to all teams that may find themselves in a similar situation.

It should be noted that any player that summarily leaves a team during the regular season will be banned from competing in Premier for the remainder of that season.

Finally, we will introduce a player sign-up form that will require each individual to confirm what team they are on, and acceptance of the HGC ANZ Premier rules. This will be released as soon as possible.