Competitive Ruling: Rich Gang vs Downfall (1 March)

Competitive Ruling: Rich Gang vs Downfall (1 March)


Tournament Administration (TA) for the HGC ANZ Premier was informed 30 minutes prior to the match start of Downfall vs Rich Gang that Rich Gang was unable to field a full roster of five players for the match due to the unexpected unavailability of Deuces. Since Rich Gang vs Downfall was scheduled to be streamed, TA permitted the use of the sub only as a means towards preserving the broadcast schedule. Rich Gang was informed that the use of the unauthorised substitute would be reviewed after the match was complete, and that the outcome of the review may affect the outcome of the match. Rich Gang accepted this approach.

Related Rules

The following rule, 2.3.k.i, refers:

Game Forfeitures
i) If fewer than five Eligible Participants on a team’s roster are present ten minutes
after the scheduled match time, that team forfeits the match.


As Rich Gang was unable to field five eligible participants within 10 minutes of the match’s start time, they forfeit the match. Downfall is awarded the win and granted a 1-0 score.

Future Impact

As a result of this ruling, if the situation arises again where a team is unable to field their roster as required by 2.3.k.i, the match will not be streamed. Instead, the other match, scheduled to be played off-air, will be streamed instead. TA will attempt to inform teams affected in this way as soon as possible to ensure minimal disruption to the HGC ANZ Premier broadcast.