HGC ANZ Competitive Ruling: MM Clubhouse

HGC ANZ Competitive Ruling: MM Clubhouse

Here is the official ruling regarding the roster changes at MM Clubhouse:

In relation to the roster movement that occurred over the weekend, MM Clubhouse has breached 2.1(b) of the rules which states that rosters have been locked. There has however not been a breach of provision 2.1(d) which states that a team is automatically disqualified from the competition if it is left with less than 3 players from its main roster. From our investigations, only 1 player (Hacky) made the move from Dark Sided to MMCH. The decision to disband the DS roster was made by DS as an org. Having said that, we feel that it is too harsh to impose a penalty on MMCH which results in an effective disqualification from the tournament by virtue of removing any chance of qualifying at all (which would be the case if there was a breach of 2.1(d) of the rules).

Additionally, there has not been a breach of 2.1(f). This is a new provision that has been introduced this this year. 2.1(f) relates to qualifying teams (as defined in 2.1(e)) . It is designed to protect teams that have successfully been promoted to Premier division against better established and better resourced organisations.

Accordingly, it has been decided to deduct two points from MMCH in the current preseason qualifying tournament. We feel that under the circumstances, this is a fair and reasonable outcome. Our goal is to preserve the competitive integrity of the tournament but we also need to strike a balance with the need for teams to form comfortable units moving into regular season.