Gears of War

Announcing the Gears EARS PPC – Player Participation Credit…

We’re pleased to release the details for the Gears EARS PPC. All players that compete in Gears EARS qualifying rounds (i.e. three per Phase) earn credits for every match they play in.

Credit Earning per match
Win 100
Loss 75

After earning enough credits, players can then exchange the credits for digital and/or real-world items:

Item Credit Cost
1 x Latest Esports Pack 1000
5 x Latest Esports Pack 2700
1 x Esports Pack of Choice 1500
5 x Esports Pack of Choice 3000
Gears Funko (all except Del available) 4000
Esports Pin (Gnasher, Lancer, Snub, Longshot, or EMBAR) 4500
Esports Hoodie 5000
Esports Backpack 6000

These are fantastic rewards, sponsored by The Coalition, and all it takes to earn them is to take part – so make sure you get your registrations in!

PPC earnings are listed on the Gears EARS Leaderboard. Note: PPC carry over from one Phase to the next, and you can cash in your PPC at any time.


Gears of War

FINALS INFO: Gears Esports APAC Regional Series

Phase One is coming to a head with the Phase Finals taking place on 10 December (next Sunday)! As usual, Gears EARS will be broadcast on so make sure you head over and follow us there!

Four teams have qualified for the Finals:

Seed Team
1 The Janitors
2 Mindfreak
3 Checkm8s
4 Rise Against

Seeding is based on the position each team earned through play during all three qualifying events in Phase One.


Date: 10 December 2017

Time: 1:30pm AEDT

Teams will be required to check in at 12:30pm AEDT.


The Phase finals feature the top four teams in a modified double elimination bracket, fighting for cash prizes. Seeding for the bracket is tailored to provide teams close, competitive matches, and avoid one-sided, crushing defeats.

  • Double elimination bracket
    • Ranks 1-2 seeded into Upper Bracket (UB)
      • Winner Advances to Grand Final
      • Loser drops to LB Round 2
    • Ranks 3-4 seeded into Lower Bracket (LB) Round 1
      • Winner advances to LB Round 2
      • Loser is eliminated
    • LB Round 2
      • Winner advances to the Grand Final
      • Loser is eliminated
  • All matches except Grand Final are BO3.
  • Grand Final is a first to three with the team from the UB starting with a 1 game lead.

The bracket for Phase One Finals can be found here.