Competitive Ruling: Season 4 Points

Competitive Ruling: Season 4 Points

We have discovered a way to “game” points using the system specified at the start of Season 4. Under the system, a team could purposefully lose their second round match in the lower bracket in order to maximize points earned through the following week’s Swiss bracket in addition to earning points in the playoff brackets.

The fault in the system is entirely Gamestah’s and to date we are not aware of any teams attempting to exploit the fault. However, to protect the integrity of the tournament we have decided to replace the Season 4 points system with the Season 3 system, with only a slight modification.

The following points will be awarded to teams each week:

Match Points Swiss 1
Playoff 1
Bonus Points Swiss Top 4 1
Playoff Top 2 5
Playoff  Top 4 4

Under this system, the maximum any team can earn from Swiss participation is 5 points, whereas the maximum a team can earn in the playoff upper bracket is 7 points. The maximum a team can earn in the playoff lower bracket is 6 points.

This system still rewards players for match wins and provides bonuses for qualification for playoff rounds.

We apologize for this mid-season change, and trust it doesn’t cause any confusion. Should teams wish to discuss the change please contact Gamestah|Chrisis on Discord.