Setting the Record Straight: Shocwave Rocket League

Setting the Record Straight: Shocwave Rocket League

It has been reported on Shocwave’s discord that they have declined Gamestah’s quote for broadcasting services:

This is not entirely accurate.

Shocwave announced their tournament several weeks ago and at the time of the announcement, posted that Gamestah was sponsoring the tournament, posted our logo on their website and tried to link to our Twitch channel on their Toornament pages:

We take issue with a number of aspects of Shocwave’s approach:

  1. Prior to the announcement of their tournament, Shocwave had never communicated with Gamestah. We had no discussions, let alone agreements, in place to sponsor, or even broadcast their tournament.
  2. We did not give Shocwave permission to use either our name or our logo in association with their tournament. In fact, the logo they are using is our old (original) logo, that has been out of use since we rebranded almost two years ago.
  3. We did not give Shocwave permission to link our Twitch channels as the official channels on their Toornament pages. That said, they’ve linked to which isn’t actually an official Gamestah Media channel. Our Twitch partnered channels are GamestahTV1, GamestahTV2 and GamestahTV3.
  4. Shocwave did not so much decline our quote as miss the deadline for quote. It expired on 21 August, and on 24 August, after hearing nothing from them, we sent a notice reminding them of the expiry and our assumption that it had not been accepted. Our confirmation of this assumption came from the notice posted on their discord (see screenshot, above). To date we still have not received any official contact from Shocwave since the date  (12 August) we provided the quote to them.
  5. We have formally requested Shocwave to remove our logo and any references to Gamestah from their website and Toornament pages. This request has, to date, been ignored.

Ordinarily we would not post about our business dealings with an organisation, but Shocwave has repeatedly used Gamestah’s brand in association with their activities against our express wishes. Perhaps this post will encourage them to stop doing so. That said, we wish them success with their tournament and hope that the teams entering it enjoy good competition and success.