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INJUSTAH Leaderboard Update – Round 6


The INJUSTAH Leaderboard has been updated to include results from Round 6. This week’s Leaderboard update includes the following juicy bits:

  • For the first time, JAM Castiel doesn’t collect maximum points. Instead, VS.DS Waz takes 1st in Round 6. However, Castiel keeps a firm hold on his overall 1st place, and is unlikely to lose this for the remainder of INJUSTAH Season 1.
  • There are no changes in the placings for positions 1 through 7 from Round 5 to Round 6!
  • We have a new entrant to the top 8, Pretty Boy Nicky, who first entered INJUSTAH in Round 4, skipped Round 5, and returned to take 4th place in Round 6. His total of 15 points puts him ahead of Framework, Kdee and Tana, all tied on 10 points at 9th in the overall standings.

Full leaderboard including all players in the points can be viewed here.