Competitive Ruling: Season 4 Points

We have discovered a way to “game” points using the system specified at the start of Season 4. Under the system, a team could purposefully lose their second round match in the lower bracket in order to maximize points earned through the following week’s Swiss bracket in addition to earning points in the playoff brackets.

The fault in the system is entirely Gamestah’s and to date we are not aware of any teams attempting to exploit the fault. However, to protect the integrity of the tournament we have decided to replace the Season 4 points system with the Season 3 system, with only a slight modification.

The following points will be awarded to teams each week:

Match Points Swiss 1
Playoff 1
Bonus Points Swiss Top 4 1
Playoff Top 2 5
Playoff  Top 4 4

Under this system, the maximum any team can earn from Swiss participation is 5 points, whereas the maximum a team can earn in the playoff upper bracket is 7 points. The maximum a team can earn in the playoff lower bracket is 6 points.

This system still rewards players for match wins and provides bonuses for qualification for playoff rounds.

We apologize for this mid-season change, and trust it doesn’t cause any confusion. Should teams wish to discuss the change please contact Gamestah|Chrisis on Discord.


Online Tournament

Setting the Record Straight: Shocwave Rocket League

It has been reported on Shocwave’s discord that they have declined Gamestah’s quote for broadcasting services:

This is not entirely accurate.

Shocwave announced their tournament several weeks ago and at the time of the announcement, posted that Gamestah was sponsoring the tournament, posted our logo on their website and tried to link to our Twitch channel on their Toornament pages:

We take issue with a number of aspects of Shocwave’s approach:

  1. Prior to the announcement of their tournament, Shocwave had never communicated with Gamestah. We had no discussions, let alone agreements, in place to sponsor, or even broadcast their tournament.
  2. We did not give Shocwave permission to use either our name or our logo in association with their tournament. In fact, the logo they are using is our old (original) logo, that has been out of use since we rebranded almost two years ago.
  3. We did not give Shocwave permission to link our Twitch channels as the official channels on their Toornament pages. That said, they’ve linked to twitch.tv/gamestah which isn’t actually an official Gamestah Media channel. Our Twitch partnered channels are GamestahTV1, GamestahTV2 and GamestahTV3.
  4. Shocwave did not so much decline our quote as miss the deadline for quote. It expired on 21 August, and on 24 August, after hearing nothing from them, we sent a notice reminding them of the expiry and our assumption that it had not been accepted. Our confirmation of this assumption came from the notice posted on their discord (see screenshot, above). To date we still have not received any official contact from Shocwave since the date  (12 August) we provided the quote to them.
  5. We have formally requested Shocwave to remove our logo and any references to Gamestah from their website and Toornament pages. This request has, to date, been ignored.

Ordinarily we would not post about our business dealings with an organisation, but Shocwave has repeatedly used Gamestah’s brand in association with their activities against our express wishes. Perhaps this post will encourage them to stop doing so. That said, we wish them success with their tournament and hope that the teams entering it enjoy good competition and success.


Injustice 2

INJUSTAH Leaderboard Update – Round 6

The INJUSTAH Leaderboard has been updated to include results from Round 6. This week’s Leaderboard update includes the following juicy bits:

  • For the first time, JAM Castiel doesn’t collect maximum points. Instead, VS.DS Waz takes 1st in Round 6. However, Castiel keeps a firm hold on his overall 1st place, and is unlikely to lose this for the remainder of INJUSTAH Season 1.
  • There are no changes in the placings for positions 1 through 7 from Round 5 to Round 6!
  • We have a new entrant to the top 8, Pretty Boy Nicky, who first entered INJUSTAH in Round 4, skipped Round 5, and returned to take 4th place in Round 6. His total of 15 points puts him ahead of Framework, Kdee and Tana, all tied on 10 points at 9th in the overall standings.

Full leaderboard including all players in the points can be viewed here.


Heroes of the Storm

Competitive Ruling: Season 4 HotS Tiebreakers


  • Future ties for top 4 spots will be broken by playing a head-to-head match between tied teams
  • MilkShake and TeamDC are each awarded 2 Bonus Points in compensation for missing out on qualification through no fault of their own


Each week teams must qualify for Playoffs by battling through four rounds of Swiss bracket matches. At the end of four rounds, the matches won by each team determines their placing in the Qualifier standings, and the top four teams advance to the week’s playoffs. In some cases, teams’ scores are tied and then tiebreakers must be applied to determine who advances to playoffs and who doesn’t. The tiebreakers that are applied are those provided by Challonge, namely (in order applied):

  • TB (Number of wins against tied opponents)
  • Bucholz
  • Points Difference

The Problem

Season 4 has a high number of teams entering, and, due to time constraints, we are only able to provide four rounds in each Swiss bracket. This means that it is possible (and even likely) that teams could be tied, but not all teams will have a TB score (since they will not have played against the opponents with whom they are tied). This happened in the 1st week of Season 4, where:

  • 4 teams were tied (Mad Because Bad, MilkShake, Roles Unspecified, TeamDC)
  • Only 2 of these teams had played against one of the other tied teams – in this case Mad Because Bad played against Roles Unspecified.
  • This meant only 1 team earned the TB point (Mad Because Bad)
  • MilkShake and TeamDC were denied any TB points because they had not had the opportunity to play head-to-head against any of the other teams

It is immediately apparent that both MilkShake and TeamDC received an unfair placing through no fault of their own.

The Solution

For future rounds (starting with Week 2), teams that are tied for a place in the top 4 will have the following tiebreakers applied:

  1. If the teams have played head-to-head against each other, the team that won the match will be placed higher than the team that lost the match
  2. If the teams have NOT played head-to-head against each other, the tied teams will play in a bo1 match and the winner of that match will be placed higher than the loser.

In the case of (2), the teams affected must play the match immediately after the fourth Swiss bracket match has completed. The tiebreaker match will be broadcast by Gamestah.


We will award both MilkShake and TeamDC the Playoff qualification Bonus Points (2 points each) in compensation for missing out on qualification through no fault of their own.