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Competitive Ruling: Season 4 Points

TweetWe have discovered a way to “game” points using the system specified at the start of Season 4. Under the system, a team could purposefully lose their second round match in the lower bracket in order to maximize points earned through the following week’s Swiss bracket in addition to earning points in the playoff brackets. […]

Setting the Record Straight: Shocwave Rocket League

TweetIt has been reported on Shocwave’s discord that they have declined Gamestah’s quote for broadcasting services: This is not entirely accurate. Shocwave announced their tournament several weeks ago and at the time of the announcement, posted that Gamestah was sponsoring the tournament, posted our logo on their website and tried to link to our Twitch […]

INJUSTAH Leaderboard Update – Round 6

TweetThe INJUSTAH Leaderboard has been updated to include results from Round 6. This week’s Leaderboard update includes the following juicy bits: For the first time, JAM Castiel doesn’t collect maximum points. Instead, VS.DS Waz takes 1st in Round 6. However, Castiel keeps a firm hold on his overall 1st place, and is unlikely to lose […]

Competitive Ruling: Season 4 HotS Tiebreakers

TweetTL;DR Future ties for top 4 spots will be broken by playing a head-to-head match between tied teams MilkShake and TeamDC are each awarded 2 Bonus Points in compensation for missing out on qualification through no fault of their own Background Each week teams must qualify for Playoffs by battling through four rounds of Swiss […]