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INJUSTAH Format Change


We’ve run two rounds of INJUSTAH now (INJUSTAH Prelim Event and INJUSTAH Circuit Round 1) and will be making a trial change to the format after observations we have made:

  • both events have run for much longer than expected
  • As a result, player and caster fatigue has been a negative factor on the entertainment value of the final rounds
  • There is a wide field of competitors with varying skill levels
  • The majority of competitors are not getting much play time – they are knocked out in the 1st or 2nd round of the Loser’s Bracket

We will be changing the format to compensate for these factors:

1 Two Stage Tournament

We will split the INJUSTAH Circuit events into two stages: a “Qualifying Bracket” stage and a “Top 8 Bracket” Stage. Both stages will happen on the same day, so the fortnightly schedule will not be affected. However, the Qualifying Bracket will not be broadcast and it will start an hour earlier (i.e. at 3pm AEST). Gamestah admins will be present during the Qualifying Bracket, so the bracket will still be actively managed.

The Top 8 Bracket will be broadcast, and will start at 6pm AEST. We anticipate this will allow sufficient time to complete the Qualifying Bracket and give players that make it to the Top 8 Bracket a dinner break of approximately one hour.

2 Introducing Swiss format for the Qualifying Bracket

The Qualifying Bracket will not utilize double elimination to find the Top 8. Instead, a Swiss format bracket will be introduced, a first for the Fighting Game Community (FGC) in Oceania. In Swiss, all participants play in all rounds of the bracket, regardless of their results – no one is knocked out of the bracket. Since most FGC players will not have encountered Swiss format in the past, we provide a brief explanation of how things will work:

  1. All participants are seeded by tournament admins. Past INJUSTAH results will be used as the primary source for initial seeding.
  2. Seeding is used by the Bracket software (Challonge) to generate the 1st round of match-ups.
  3. After the 1st round matches are complete, Challonge generates the 2nd round of matches.

We have published a video on YouTube that takes you through a full Swiss Bracket. Watch it before Sunday!

The Swiss bracket generator is designed to surface the Top 8 from a large field of competitors. We anticipate we will need at least 8 rounds to do this. If we complete 8 rounds and there is still not clear Top 8 we will manually match tied competitors in head-to-head matches to determine the ranking.

3 Top 8 Playoff Bracket

After the the top 8 has been identified through the Swiss Bracket, they will be matched up in a double elimination playoff bracket. In order to keep the playoff stage as close as possible to the way standard FGC Top 8 brackets are played, the following will be applied:

  1. The Top 8 bracket is divided into an upper (Winners) and lower (Losers) bracket
  2. The Winners bracket contains seeds 1, 2, 3, and 4. Players in this bracket have 1 extra life.
  3. The Losers bracket contains seeds 5,6,7 and 8. Players in this bracket have no extra lives, it is a knock-out bracket.
  4. First round match-ups in the Winners bracket will be Seed 1 vs Seed 4 and Seed 2 vs Seed 3
  5. First round match-ups in the Losers bracket will be Seed 5 vs Seed Seed 8 and Seed 6 vs Seed 7.

After the first round, 2 players from the Winners bracket drop down to the lower bracket, and two players from the Losers bracket drop out of the competition. The remainder of the bracket continues using standard double elimination processes; in the Grand Final one player, who enters the Grand Final from the Winners bracket, will have an extra life and the other will not.

We understand that this format is new to the FGC and so there may be many questions about it. We will be releasing additional information through the week to ensure that everything is covered off, but if you have a pressing question, 1st watch the video, then head to Gamestah Discord to ask an admin.

YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xdq4q5ZTFzE

Gamestah Discord: https://discord.gg/tewyeru

Register for INJUSTAH Circuit Round 2 here: http://gamestah.challonge.com/injustahr2.