Announcement: The Gamestah Cosplay Arena


Announcement: The Gamestah Cosplay Arena

Gamestah is pleased to announce a new era of competition that represents a departure from our traditional focus on esports: The Gamestah Cosplay Arena. Pitting the ANZ region’s top cosplayers against one another, the GCA mixes gaming, esports and the ever-growing popularity of mixed martial arts fighting.

“Sure, the GCA is a departure for us. We’ve focussed on esports for so long that we haven’t seen the opportunity that was right under our noses for such a long time,” said Chris “Chrisis” McClement, Gamestah Esports Director. “But this is a necessary step. As the first to introduce real fighting, featuring the actual weapons that makes each character distinctive, we hope to capture the market for Cosplay contests of this sort.”

The GCA will be broadcast live from Gamestah’s purpose-built Arena on an island in the South Pacific. The location has been kept secret to prevent authorities from interfering with matches, which will be broadcast on Gamestah’s Twitch Channel.

When pressed for details on the location, Stewart “EJ” Brumm responded, “Let’s just say that there are places out there that will allow us to lock people up in cages until only one of them is left.” That’s right, the GCA will feature another ANZ Region first: the Fight to the Death “FTTD” bracket!


We are still working on some of the details (if anyone knows where we can buy a functioning Particle Cannon, please contact us) but we are confident that a real-life competition featuring such awesome weapons as katanas, photon projector beams and good old hair-pulling will draw great crowds.

If you’d like to be a part of the GCA, let us know on Twitter. Invitations to the first FTTD bracket will be sent on 1 April and details of the first broadcast will be provided later that day.