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Season 2 of the HotS ANZ Finals is here!


The HGC returns to Australia and New Zealand – and GamestahTV1 – with the Heroes of the Storm ANZ Season Two Finals! Once again Tuesday nights on GTV will host the best teams in ANZ as they fight to qualify for the ANZ Finals.

There are a few changes to this season of the qualifiers. First, the Qualifiers will run for five weeks instead of four. However, we’ll only be counting scores for four out of the five weeks – your teams four best scores will be used to calculate their league score. This means that your team can play in four of the five weeks and still earn maximum points!

There’s one thing to consider though: if your team’s top 4 scores equals another team’s top 4 – then your fifth score will be used as a tiebreaker. If you don’t play in the fifth week, your tiebreaker score will be zero – so a team that has a fifth score of even 1 will win the tie!

Second, Blizzard ANZ will be providing skins to all teams that participate in all five weeks of competition. While this isn’t a change from last Season, we’re pleased to announce it right at the start of the Season so that everyone knows the offer is on the table!

For further details, check out the Gamestah HotS Season 2 Qualifiers page here. Make sure you are familiar with the tournament rules. And sign up for week 1 on challonge.com!