Competitive Ruling: MexicanGardener

Competitive Ruling: MexicanGardener

It has come to our attention that MexicanGardener has been penalized with a 12 month ban by Cybergamer for cheating in Paladins matches. After discussing the ban with the Cybergamer Operations Manager, we have decided to apply the same ban with respect to Gamestah’s online tournaments.

Ruling: MexicanGardener is banned from participating in any Gamestah tournaments for 12 months from today (9 February 2017)

A specific inquiry has been made regarding MexicanGardener’s participation in HEYPAL Week 2 as a sub for Abyss. We have been provided with a YouTube clip as evidence of MexicanGardener’s cheating. However, we are unable to conclusively find that he was cheating during the HEYPAL matches at this stage. For this reason we will not be reversing the results of those matches, nor applying any further penalties to Abyss for using him as a sub. However, we will reconsider this should evidence come to light that conclusively shows MexicanGardener was cheating during HEYPAL matches.