HEYGRL Summer Seventeen Qualifiers

HEYGRL Summer Seventeen Qualifiers

aoe_emp has posted an interesting twitlonger.

I’d like to respond to this statement in particular:

The clear answer to me is communication. Our scene is small, which means we need to stay connected. It simply isn’t viable to have a disconnect between orgs and players, or we are going to run into this problem consistently.

Orgs, especially those new to the scene or coming back after a long absence, need to approach the players, talk with them, and get some insight into how they think and how they like to play before finalising anything.

I was well aware that we were returning to a scene after an extended absence. This is why we announced our tournament so far in advance. I personally contacted all of the invited teams and then spoke to the team at RLO (n0lski in particular) and Wasted about scheduling, adjusting things based on their feedback.

We very conscientiously avoided clashes with other tournaments when we scheduled the season and I don’t think we can be accused of not consulting with the community in this regard. After all, we had 19 (well, 18, with one team registering 30 minutes after the event was meant to start) teams respond to our communication by signing up for the Qualifiers.

Every team that entered the Qualifiers knew the time and date of qualifiers. It’s in our announcement on Gamestah.com, it’s on the GRL tournament page, and the Challonge bracket has the tournament scheduled for a specific date and time. We followed up with multiple announcements on Player.me, Twitter and Facebook, and have an event set up on Facebook too. This week, three reminders were posted on both Twitter and Facebook about the Saturday’s event.

If anything, the only thing we did not do was ensure that our event appeared in the RLO weekly tournament summary on Discord. We don’t have posting rights there so we’ll find out what we need to do to get our events up there in the future.

I will say I am interested to know what we could have done to engage better with the 11 out of 18 teams that registered but did not show up. Feel free to contact us on discord, Twitter, Facebook or Player.me and let us know.

– Chrisis