HEYGRL Summer Seventeen Announced

Rocket League

HEYGRL Summer Seventeen Announced

Gamestah is pleased to finally announce the return of the Gamestah Rocket League Invitational – HEYGRL Summer Seventeen! With a format familiar to everyone that took part in HEYGRL Season 1, whether as a player, caster or fan, HEYGRL will usher in 2017 with everyone’s favourite rocket-powered motorcar mayhem!

As with Season 1, teams that enter HEYGRLSS will travel via two routes: we’ll be inviting the top eight teams in OCE (as determined by the Power Rankings) and the remaining eight will have to earn their invitations by playing in a qualifying tournament on Saturday 21 January 2017. If you’re in a top eight team, you will be contacted over the next few days to be offered a place in the league. You can facilitate this process by getting in touch with us.

The following teams will be getting an invite:

  1. Alpha Sydney
  2. Abyss ESC
  3. Athletico BH
  4. Sand Castle
  5. SubZero ESC
  6. Team Reticent
  7. Masterminds GC
  8. Magnitude

Full tournament information can be found on the HEYGRL Summer Seventeen page.