EGSS Overwatch 1st Division Finals Information

EGSS Overwatch 1st Division Finals Information

After a tumultuous regular season we are finally at the culmination of the Gamestah Spring Series Overwatch 1st Division. Finals will play out tomorrow, 19 November, starting at 11am, and at the end of the day, all four teams participating in the Finals will walk away with a share of the huge prize pool provided by ZOWIE and SplitMediaLabs, providers of Xsplit, Challonge and

Full Prize Break-down:

EGSS Overwatch 1st Division  Cash  Xsplit Premium Licenses
1st $1,800 6x 36 month
2nd $1,200 6x 36 month
3rd $720 6 x 12 month
4th $480 6x 12 month
 Total Value $4,200 $3,300

Gamestah will also award a Finals MVP cash prize of $200 to the player deemed to have made the most impact throughout the Finals series.

In all, 1st Division players will walk away with prizes totalling $7,700, including the largest cash prize pool to date in Oceanic Overwatch.

The Finalists

1. Tempo Storm.AU

Coming into the tournament, Tempo Storm has been the no 1 seed and has maintained a record to reflect that. Their first six matches saw them undefeated, and it was only in the final round that Aftermind, seeded 2nd in the Finals, was able to take a match off them. Many will put this down to the use of 2 substitutes in that match,  and Tempo Storm remain favourites to win the Spring Series outright. Their first match will start at 12:15pm, against fourth seed, Masterminds. This will by no means be an easy match for TS, as Masterminds was the first to take a map off Tempo Storm early on in the Season.

2. Aftermind

Perennially, “we don’t play this game”, Aftermind will likely have taken a short break from Paladins to prepare for the Spring Series Finals. They come into the series with a massive head of steam, defeating Tempo Storm.AU in Round 7 in a stunning 3-map series. Aftermind’s strengths lie in their ability to brawl anywhere and against any comp, so expect all-out action from start to finish when they play. Their first match is against 3rd seed, Skyfire, who are also coming into the Finals with a bit of momentum. Their match starts off the Finals proceedings at 11am AEDT.

3. Team Skyfire

Team Skyfire qualify for the EGSS Overwatch finals with a season record of 4 wins, a tie and 2 losses. That tie may prove to be a crucial factor in their success in the Finals, giving them a 1 point lead over Masterminds, and securing 3rd seed for the day. That means they won’t have to go up against the 1st seed, Tempo Storm, in round 1, and may just have the edge on an easier path to the Grand Final. That said, their first round opponent is Aftermind and the two teams have very similar team capabilities that will revel in the new Soldier-76-meta.

4. Masterminds GC

Masterminds have set the scene for somewhat of a fairy tail in EGSS Overwatch 1st Division. They formed at the start of the season, were the final team to qualify for the Division, and are now fourth seed going into the Finals. Ever wearing the underdog mantle, they were the first team to bloody the nose of Tempo Storm in the regular season. Although they did not win the match, being the first team to take a map off the top seed sent tremors through the scene, and marked Masterminds as an outfit with real contention promise. They have a tough start to the Finals against Tempo Storm, but even if knocked out in the 1st round, they’ll have a 2nd life to fight their way towards the Grand Final.

Finals Format

Finals tomorrow will take the form of a double-elimination qualifier for the Grand Final, and a single elimination Grand Final. All qualifying matches are best-of-three, with the Grand Final being a best-of-five.

Instead of earning a second life in the Grand Final, the team qualifying through the Upper Bracket semi-final will be allowed to choose the order in which maps will be played in the best-of-five.

Finals Schedule:

All matches in the Finals series will be played in series and broadcast on



We hope to see you tomorrow starting at 11am AEDT!

– Chrisis