Competitive Ruling: JAM Roster Changes

Competitive Ruling: JAM Roster Changes

The following statement was released to EGSS Captains in Gamestah Discord on 6/10/2016.

The situation:

JAM Gaming has notified Gamestah of changes to their rosters. The following changes have been made:

  • Jimeb and Peelz dropped
  • Gunba and Trill added

Both Gunba and Trill are formerly of the team Kick or Be Kicked.

As a result of the loss of Gunba and Trill, Kick or be Kicked has disbanded and will no longer be competing in the eLeague Gamestah Spring Series Overwatch 1st Division.

Rules that Apply

Rules affecting rosters are specified in sections 2.2.2 to 2.2.7. However, the rules most relevant to the above situation are:

2.2.2 Rosters

Teams must have a core of four (4) players for the entirety of the season, including Qualifiers, Regular Season and Playoffs. A team must have a total of six players for all matches.

All players and substitutes must be specified, together with IDs on the Team Description page during registration.

2.2.4 Substitutes

Players may not register for more than one team, whether as starting roster or substitute.

Application of the Rules

JAM Gaming still has a core of four players under the definition of 2.2.2: Dozza, Kiki, Aetar, Rqt. Under the core-of-four rule they were still permitted to compete in division 1 with 2 substitutes, as long as league administration has been notified of and has approved such substitutions.

JAM has applied for a roster change to accommodate the new players they have picked up. However, the new players were registered on the roster of another 1st Division team at the time that rosters were locked (Midnight on Wednesday 28/09). The substitution thus contravenes rule 2.2.4 and the request is denied: Gunba and Trill are ineligible to compete in 1st Division for JAM Gaming.

JAM Gaming has been notified of the ruling and were given the opportunity to continue playing in 1st Division with their core four plus two substitutes. JAM Gaming has declined and has forfeited their spot in the Spring Series.

Note: this ruling does not govern who may or may not be on JAM Gaming’s team. It only governs who is or is not eligible to complete in the Spring Series 1st Division.

A side note regarding “recruitment week”: the statement regarding Recruitment week in the rules (1.5.2) was made redundant by the change to the core-of-four rule. This statement will be removed as a result.

Impact on the League

Losing two teams after the first week of the League through the actions of a small group of players is a serious matter. Six players have lost their place in 1st division through no fault of their own, and another six players have been removed as a consequence of their own actions.

The integrity of the League has also been threatened. The roster rules were constructed to discourage exactly this situation from occurring, as we believe that a key success factor for Overwatch in Oceania is long-term stability of teams, organisations and Leagues in the region. Despite this, JAM elected to leave the Spring Series. We trust that our ruling in this matter shows that we are willing to act to protect the interests of our Sponsors, our League and the interests of the remaining teams that have abided by the rules in good faith. Our teams are our partners in the Spring Series.

Team Substitutions

The EGSS Overwatch 1st Division is by definition an eight team League and thus we will take steps to fill the two spots that have opened up. Gamestah will approach teams that we have identified as prospective competitors and offer them the spots.

We have already identified which teams we will approach. Our intention is to recruit one team based on performance in the 1st Division Qualifiers and another team based on performance in the first round of 2nd Division. Once the teams have agreed to enter we will make an announcement as to who they are.

Entry Fees

The new teams will be charged the entry fee specified in Rule 2.1.2. The entry fees will be added to the 1st Division Prize Pool.

The teams that have exited 1st Division will not be refunded their entry fees and the funds will remain in the prize pool.

Round 1 Points

Teams that are added to the League will replace JAM Gaming and Kick or Be Kicked. The results from the matches that JAM Gaming and Kick or Be Kicked have already played will be voided, and the matches will be replayed with the new opponents facing Masterminds GC and Tempo Storm.