eLeague Gamestah Spring Series: HotS

Heroes of the Storm

eLeague Gamestah Spring Series: HotS

1      Description

The EGSS:HotS is a weekly, semi-pro League open to all Oceanic HotS teams. Match nights will occur every Tuesday for seven weeks, starting the first week of October. Requiring a minimum of four teams to enter, the weekly League will feature teams playing series-of-three matches against each other to earn League points through a double round-robin group stage.

The size of the League (i.e. number of teams that enter) will determine the Finals format.

2      League Format

The league will consist of seven weeks of matches in a double round-robin bracket. In other words, with four teams entered in the League, each team will play other teams twice through the group stages.

League Finals format will be determined by the number of teams that enter the League (see Finals Qualification, below).

2.1     League Schedule

Tournament nights are Tuesday nights in October and November, starting 11 October 2016 and ending 15 November 2016.

The Grand Final will be played on Sunday 21 November (to be confirmed).

2.2     Round-Robin Stage

2.2.1      Groups

A minimum of four teams are required to launch the League. All teams will be placed in a single group. Should more than four teams enter, they will be included in the same group up to a total of seven teams in one group. In the event that eight teams enter, teams will be split into two groups.

In the case of a two-group round robin stage, the top two teams from each group will advance to the final series, which will be played as a double-elimination qualifier for the Grand Final.

2.2.2      Match Format

Group stage matches will be series-of-three (so3) format:

For each match, teams will draft three maps. All three maps will be played.

2.2.3      Match Scheduling

All matches will be played on Tuesday nights, starting at 7:30pm AEST. Gamestah will cast two matches per week during the group stages. All finals matches will be broadcast.

2.3      Finals

2.3.1      Qualification – single group (4 teams)

The two highest ranked teams will progress to the Grand Final stage.

2.3.2      Qualification – single group (up to 7 teams)

The three highest ranked teams will progress to the Finals. Teams will play a single round robin stage of bo5 matches. At the end of the round robin stage, the two teams with the most points will face off in a bo5 Grand Final.

2.3.3      Qualification – multiple groups (8 or more teams)

The two highest ranked teams in each group will progress to the finals. Teams in the finals will play in a bo5 double elimination qualification bracket for the Grand Final.

The Grand Final will be played as a single elimination bo5 match.

2.3.4      Grand Match Format

The Grand Final will be best-of-five (bo5) format.

3      League Points

During the group stages, teams will accumulate League points by winning maps. For each map one in the series-of-three matches, 1 point will be awarded. This means that a total of three points per match is available to competing teams.

4      The Money Shot

4.1     Entry Fee

Entry to the EGSS:HotS is now free!

4.2     Prizes: Cash

Gamestah will award $500 in cash prizes as follows:

  • 1st place: $300
  • 2nd place: $200

Should six or more teams enter, a 3rd place prize will be added:

  • 3rd place: $100

5      Broadcasting

All matches will be broadcast by Gamestah on twitch.tv/gamestahtv1. Teams that enter the tournament will be required to play their matches on the scheduled match nights.

No teams may livestream their own matches. (whether from player-POV or by a third party).

6      Tournament Admin

We will be running the tournament admin using Challonge.com.

6.1     Registration

Registration for the tournament is at http://gamestah.challonge.com/EGSSHOTS.

6.2     Rules

Gamestah will publish a full set of rules prior to the start of the event.