Notices for EGSS Overwatch Qualifier 2

Notices for EGSS Overwatch Qualifier 2

After meeting with team captains after the first Qualifying tournament we have decided the following:

  • Q2 will use a Swiss bracket with 8 rounds
  • At the end of 8 rounds, we will use ONE tie-breaker – TB, which is wins against the other teams you are tied with.
  • If there are teams that are still equal after TB has been applied, those teams that are tied will play in a round-robin bo1 to break the tie.
  • In the case of a round robin tie-breaker being required, teams will draft maps using

In addition, due to the admin decision to restart the Tainted Minds vs Skyfire match, we have decided the following:

  • Tainted Minds will receive 1st seed at the start of Qualifier 2.

We want to thank all the teams for participating today, and the team captains for providing valuable input into the day’s proceedings. Here’s to Qualifier#2 being the better for it!

Teams that have not yet registered for Q2 can still do at