Gamestah Nations Cup 2016: Home & Away Series Vods


Gamestah Nations Cup 2016: Home & Away Series Vods

Did you miss the Nations Cup Overwatch Series? tThe best in Singapore, New Zealand & Australia?

Not to worry, for you I have put together a play list for your viewing pleasure! Grab some some popcorn and a drink, sit back and relax as Bobbyj, Allg & the casting Team take your through all the action!

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Joining Gamestah back in 2008 I Covered Counter Strike 1.6 & Source with Depz, Momowang and many Others! Life then took its place which saw myself have a long stint on the side lines! But I'm back with Csgo Coverage, rocket League and possible many more games to come! I have also been known for stuffing people names up and that is something I promise I will do for every cast! Getsome... Cya on the battle Field. GlHF