Nations Cup: International Overwatch Series


Nations Cup: International Overwatch Series

Gamestah Media is proud to present:

The Nations Cup: International Overwatch Series.

Teams representing Australia, New Zealand and Singapore will battle it out over two weeks in a best of three, home and away friendly series.

Week 1 – 18 August 2016

  • Game 1: Australia (H) vs New Zealand (8pm Sydney) (Australia Winner)
  • Game 2: New Zealand (H) vs Singapore (9pm Sydney) (NZ Winner)
  • Game 3: Australia (H) vs Singapore (10pm Sydney) (Australia Winner)

Week 1 replays

Week 2 – 25 August 2016

  • Game 1: New Zealand vs Australia (H) (8pm Sydney)
  • Game 2: Singapore (H) vs New Zealand (9pm Sydney)
  • Game 3: Singapore (H) vs Australia (10pm Sydney)

Home team matches will be played on the server matching their home region.

watch the matches here


Australia 2-0

New Zealand 1-1

Singapore 0-2

Players for each team will be invited by casters for the event:

  • BobbyJ will be leading selection for Australia.
  • GyMar will be leading selection for New Zealand.
  • Afiz will be leading selection for Singapore.

Not only are we assembling the best players in the region, we are also assembling the best commentators for the event!

The Teams

Australia: Termo, Kiki, Jimeb, heykatie, Dooza and Elim

New Zealand: Nomey, Spoonzl, Peelz, Eliaas, Tak4n and Avrl

Singapore: AJEN,  K3n, Revenant, Colbat, Phython and Rebornz

The Production Team

  • BobbyJ: fresh from his lead commentator role for  the ZOWIE Gamestah Overwatch League, BobbyJ brings us his unique play by play style, a mix of raw excitement and in-depth game knowledge.
  • Allg: Analyst (Australia). Allg is the lead analyst for Gamestah Overwatch. His ability to read the plays and break down the current Meta makes his game analysis a must-listen event.
  • GyMar: Analyst (New Zealand). GyMar provides expert anaylsis for various overwatch competions in the region including the Zowie Gamestah Overwatch League and the Heros League.
  • Afiz: Analyst (Singapore). Afiz has a long history of Esports commentary and hosting events in Singapore. His insight into the Singapore Overwatch scene makes him the perfect choice to join the commentary team for the Nations Cup.
  • Chrisis: Producer extraordinaire. The man behind the scenes pushing all the buttons.
  • Squizzy: Admin, keeper of the rules, master of the lobby.
  • (special thanks to Byza for design work)


Six custom mugs from Ronnies Custom Gear – Check them out at

More prizes may be added.

We will be announcing team line-ups shorty, so check back regularly for updates or follow us on twitter to keep to date with all things Gamestah


The voice of Australian Esports. Ej is the longest serving Esports commentator in Australia. He began his career in 2001 commentating Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Ej was a founder of Gamestah in 2003 and formed a casting duo with BoB that lasted for many years. Ej was the first voice for esport commentating heard on TV in Australia, when he commentated the Roffle Cup Counter Strike match on the ABC TV show Good Game. This was followed with the second ever televised esports match of BF1 on the same TV show. Ej was the first Australian Commentator to cast internationally, commentating the World Cyber Games events in Singapore and New Zealand in 2004. 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. Ej is four time member of the Gamestah 100 Club, achieved for commentating 100 matches in a calendar year. Ej has commentated over 1500 esports matches during his career. Significant events and competitions commentated include. Electronic Sports World Cup events (AU), World Cyber Games events (AU, NZ, Sing). World Cyber Games Asian Games (MC and Commentator). Ej has commentated for all major online and lan events including Gamearena, Cybergamer, GotGames, DFrag, Gamestah leagues and many more. Ej has commentated a wide range of games including, RTCW, CS 1.6, CS:S, CS:GO, Soldier of Fortune, Gears of War, Call of duty 1, Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty 3, Call of Duty 4, Left 4 Dead, Dota, Guitar Hero, Racing games (various), Team Fortress 2, League of Legends, Rocket League, Overwatch, Paladins and more. Ej continues to support and build the commentating scene in Australia. Ej is The voice of Australian Esports.