Road to the Finals: Untitled Spreadsheet


Road to the Finals: Untitled Spreadsheet

ConRoar / LUSH / Mosh / yuki / Refz / Gnb

Untitled Spreadsheet entered ZOWIESTAH as the Number One seed and has remained favourite to take out the Grand Final throughout the League’s qualifying stages. After becoming the first team to beat Chiefs ESC during JAM-stah, they maintained their unbeaten run right up to Week 5 of ZOWIESTAH. It was fitting that Chiefs ESC were the ones to break the unbeaten run, setting up a regional rivalry between the two teams that will be played out in the League Finals on Saturday. Untitled Spreadsheet’s “Road to the Grand Final” will require them to beat Orbit in the Quarter Finals, and then the winner of Chiefs vs Thanks in the Semi Final.

Their first hurdle is going to be getting past Orbit, who will be playing with two subs. But so will USS – they’ve lost rqt and raz right before the Finals, and have substituted in ConRoar and Lush. While you’d be forgiven for expecting them to take the Quarter Final, the Semi Final match against Chiefs ESC, who have had two weeks now to settle into their roster along with the new meta, will be a different story. There’s a preface to that story, though, as most recently USS beat Chiefs ESC in Heroes League – with their new lineup.

And so we come to the League Final, the final chapter in the ZOWIE Gamestah Overwatch League. Untitled Spreadsheet are seeded first and any team that expects to win the Grand Final will have to get past them at one point or another.

Untitled Spreadsheet play their Quarter Final against Orbit at 14:30pm AEST on – don’t miss it!