Road to the Finals: The Wood Cucks


Road to the Finals: The Wood Cucks

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If you’re a fan of the Wood Cucks you have got to be really frustrated. Week after week this team has put in good performances, but they’ve met a brick wall each time.  There’s graffiti on the wall that says Untitled Spreadsheet most of the time, but sometimes it says, Chiefs ESC. What the Wood Cucks really need is some industrial cleaner, maybe a water blaster, and…

Where am I going with this? Let’s lay down the facts. The Wood Cucks consistently rank third in the power rankings. From Week 1 of ZOWIESTAH, they’ve improved, often by adding to their roster: first a Quarter Final finish, then two Semi Finals, and in Weeks 4 and 5, they’ve reached the Grand Final of each Playoff. They may be hitting a brick wall, but they’re meeting it later and later, as they get the measure of their opposition, and take them down.

It’s high time for The Wood Cucks to break through the wall, and League Finals might be just the time to do it. Seeded second, they’ll have the unpredictable Quentiam to take on in their first match. Once past that hurdle, they have the “easier” bracket to work through. Although JAM and Avant Garde are not to be trifled with on any day!

The Wood Cucks Quarter Final against Quentiam starts at 12:50pm AEST on Gamestahtv1. Don’t miss it!