Road to the Finals: thanks


Road to the Finals: thanks

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Team thanks have fought through every qualifier each Week in ZOWIESTAH and have submitted varying performances from week to week. Twice, they qualified for the weekly playoffs, only to get knocked out both times by The Wood Cucks. In other weeks, they’ve dropped games to teams they should not have, and have been excluded from the playoffs altogether.

Their fifth seed in this weekend’s League Finals is a tenuous one. From week to week they have both beaten and lost to teams seeded below them in the League Finals. However, they have yet to take a game off the higher seeds in the ZOWIESTAH competition. The League Finals will be a huge test for this team, starting with their Quarter Final match against Chiefs eSports Club. Thanks will want to put their last outing against the Chiefs aside and bring innovation to the Finals in a true David vs Goliath match-up.

Thanks’ Quarter Final vs Chiefs ESC opens the League Finals broadcast at 12pm AEST. Join us on for all the action!