Road to the Finals: Quentiam


Road to the Finals: Quentiam

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No one will forget the upset-that-almost-was when Quentiam shocked Untitled Spreadsheet in Week 4 of ZOWIESTAH. They took the first game on Dorado, one of USS’ strongest maps, in thrilling fashion, and for the first time in a month, USS were looking less than invincible. To their credit, USS came back to close out the Semi Final match and knock Quentiam out, but the point had been made: Quentiam has the goods to take on the top teams in the region and do themselves proud.

They’re playing in the League Finals as seventh seed, having put in a lackluster performance in Week 2, and failing to compete in Week 3. But points don’t tell the whole story, as Week 4’s SF against USS showed. Expect Quentiam to look for an upset in their match against second-seeded The Wood Cucks tomorrow.

Towards the end of the qualifying season, Quentiam picked up Squizzy as Manager. We asked him about Quentiam’s performances:

“Our results have been getting better each week of ZOWIESTAH, we hope to make it to the grand final on Saturday, but have a tough road to get there.”

Quentiam will have to get past The Wood Cucks in the Quarter Final at 12:50pm AEST as the first step on that tough road. Tune in to to see if they can make it through!