Road to the Finals: JAM Gaming


Road to the Finals: JAM Gaming

Jimeb / Peelz / Aetar / rqt / Mitchello / Dozza

JAM Gaming is looking like a team eager to break past their top 4 Power Ranking with this weekend’s League Finals. They seem to have adopted a high risk / high reward approach to the event, with a roster change just prior: Mokyun has been replaced with rqt, arguably one of the best support players in the region. Overwatch isn’t just about individual brilliance, though, and the question will be whether the new roster will successfully integrate in time for their first match, against Avant Garde in the Quarter Finals.

To be fair, changes needed to be made to the team, as all season long they have struggled to take out any of the top three in the region. When approached for comment, Chris “Pulse” Bridle, owner of the franchise, said:

“Our results have been very consistent over the Zowiestah competition, never finishing lower than the semi-finals. We are hungry to take our game to the next level and look forward to putting on a good show.”

JAM Gaming’s Quarter Final match against Avant Garde kicks off at 13:40 AEST. Tune in to GamestahTv1 from 12pm to catch all the ZOWIESTAH league finals action!