Road to the ZOWIE Gamestah Overwatch League Finals: Chiefs ESC


Road to the ZOWIE Gamestah Overwatch League Finals: Chiefs…

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Chiefs ESC would be considered by most as at least second seed, at best first seed, for winning the League Finals outright, but they’re sitting down at fourth due to being unable to compete in Week 4 of the qualifying stages. This means they missed out on both the 12 points available to them that week and any bonus points that were on offer for making it to the Week 4 Playoffs Final (or winning it). Nevertheless they have done enough to qualify for League Finals and will have to fight through a tough bracket to take out the Grand Final and top prizes.

At the launch of Overwatch, Chiefs ESC appeared to be unbeatable. Week in and week out they dominated every team that fought against them, until Untitled Spreadsheet found their groove, beating Chiefs during JAM-stah and holding onto unbeaten status until the Chiefs bounced back in Week 5 of #ZOWIESTAH, becoming the first team in almost two months to beat USS, and collecting a handsome bounty that had been set by Gamestah for “the head” of USS.

While some put the win down to Chief’s stronger hitscan suiting the current meta, Ory, coach and substitute support player for the Chiefs, had this to say:

“[It was a result of ] positive attitude. Hard work and lots of time put in as a team.”

The Chief’s Quarter Final match against thanks will be the first match of the day, starting at 12pm AEST on Gamestahtv1. If they can dispatch the fifth seed, they’ll likely meet Untitled Spreadsheet in the Semi Finals!