ANZ HotS – Bot Trolling

On Tuesday night Gamestah hosted our sixth evening of the Gamestah Ember Series. We were blown away by a sudden increase in Twitch viewers, peaking that evening with 374 people watching our stream live. We ended the evening feeling quite pleased with how things were going with Ember, assuming that the boost was a reflection of […]


There have been a number of questions about seeding for the weekly playoffs that are worth addressing in long-form rather than ye olde 140 character tweetage. Good Seeding is the Foundation of Good Competition First, at Gamestah we understand that good seeding is the foundation of good competitions. We know that the purpose of seeding […]


Howdy partners! So far, Untitled Spreadsheet has been unbeaten in the ZOWIE Gamestah Overwatch League. Heading into Week 4, we’re opening up a $50 reward to the first team to beat them. To get a shot at them, you’ll need to register for tonight’s Qualifiers on battlefy. See you tonight on as you start […]

Official Statement: Ember 6 Postponement

Tonight’s Gamestah HotS Ember 6 tournament has been postponed to next week. We tried switching tournament software from Battlefy to Toornament and this lead to some confusion for teams. Teams registered using fake player names, and because of the switch to Toornament, were unable to check in automatically. When a team using fake names failed to […]