Press Release: ZOWIE Gamestah Overwatch League

Gamestah is pleased to announce our next major Overwatch eSports adventure: we’ve teamed up with Zowie to give teams the opportunity to arm themselves for competition with the best monitors in eSports. Introducing: The ZOWIE Gamestah Overwatch League, with prizes valued at over $8,000! The ZOWIE Gamestah Overwatch League will run for six weeks, starting […]

OOPR Origins: The “Conventions” Document

In the interests of transparency, here is the original OOPR Conventions document shared with the four first panelists: Oceanic Overwatch Power Rankings Summary This document forms the foundation of the Oceanic Overwatch Power Rankings Panel. The panel is convened by Gamestah each week, with Gamestah providing the administrative support required to co-ordinate and publish the […]

Press Release: Gamestah Convenes Overwatch Oceania Power rankings in partnership with

Gamestah is pleased to announce the launch of the Overwatch Oceania Power Rankings, to be released on a weekly basis on The OOPR is a collaboration between Gamestah, OverwatchANZ and top teams in the region, to evaluate and rank teams competing in various Overwatch eSports competitions through each week. “Overwatch has a massive head […]