INJUSTAH Leaderboard Update – Round 6

The INJUSTAH Leaderboard has been updated to include results from Round 6. This week’s Leaderboard update includes the following juicy bits: For the first time, JAM Castiel doesn’t collect maximum points. Instead, VS.DS Waz takes 1st in Round 6. However, Castiel keeps a firm hold on his overall 1st place, and is unlikely to lose […]

Competitive Ruling: Season 4 HotS Tiebreakers

TL;DR Future ties for top 4 spots will be broken by playing a head-to-head match between tied teams MilkShake and TeamDC are each awarded 2 Bonus Points in compensation for missing out on qualification through no fault of their own Background Each week teams must qualify for Playoffs by battling through four rounds of Swiss […]

Season 4 Maps

The Season 4 map selection process is similar to Season 3: each week the qualifying round features four matches in a Swiss format bracket, where we specify the maps for each round. Then, for weekly playoffs, teams play in a Modified Double Elimination, bo3, bracket where teams must draft maps from the available pool. For […]

HotS Off-Season ODC

Gamestah has announced an ODC (One Day Competition) for HotS, to take place on 29 July 2017 – that’s this Saturday! Here’s all the information you need about the ODC. 1. It’s open to all Anyone can enter – this is a competitive day for anyone that wants to play. You don’t have to be […]