Nations Cup: International Overwatch Series

Gamestah Media is proud to present: The Nations Cup: International Overwatch Series. Teams representing Australia, New Zealand and Singapore will battle it out over two weeks in a best of three, home and away friendly series. Week 1 – 18 August 2016 Game 1: Australia (H) vs New Zealand (8pm Sydney) (Australia Winner) Game 2: New […]

Road to the Finals: Untitled Spreadsheet

ConRoar / LUSH / Mosh / yuki / Refz / Gnb Untitled Spreadsheet entered ZOWIESTAH as the Number One seed and has remained favourite to take out the Grand Final throughout the League’s qualifying stages. After becoming the first team to beat Chiefs ESC during JAM-stah, they maintained their unbeaten run right up to Week 5 of ZOWIESTAH. It was fitting […]

Road to the Finals: The Wood Cucks

haste / fail / tjk / oCir / puyo / Cinderella / pr1mede / Lim If you’re a fan of the Wood Cucks you have got to be really frustrated. Week after week this team has put in good performances, but they’ve met a brick wall each time.  There’s graffiti on the wall that says Untitled Spreadsheet most of the time, […]

Road to the Finals: Quentiam

Slidzorj / Shu / zumen / Twiiggy / Presh / Bim / kiki No one will forget the upset-that-almost-was when Quentiam shocked Untitled Spreadsheet in Week 4 of ZOWIESTAH. They took the first game on Dorado, one of USS’ strongest maps, in thrilling fashion, and for the first time in a month, USS were looking less than invincible. To their credit, USS […]